Inflation - runaway train :(

This is NA West as of a few minutes ago:

Our exchange prices have been rising by 10% a day for the past week and just jumped to 3,000. We are basically caught up to KR. Even the gold you buy in the royal crystal exchange has less value by the time you can use it three days later…

Any plan to address the issue? or we just watch it go to the moon?


3k gold now? wtf


Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on. Moko event add a lot of gold, but I think that is just one small part of it. The trend is really devaluing the gold you get from raids, islands etc since those amounts are fixed and don’t adjust with inflation.

South America has had this problem longer than we have, but its showing no sign of slowing down.


EUC is at 2000 at this moment . Tragedy


yeah and the sad part is we don’t know if they’ll do anything about it.

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I hope this gets some real attention and moves up the devs priority list, spiraling inflation is a huge problem if it continues at this pace =/


yeah… it’ll reach +3k soon enough

Competition between West and SA :smiley: begin :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can’t really call it a competition, this is SA



Whales are 1575 already, the prices shouldn’t go down until Brelshaza, unless more people decide to spend more in the game for no aparent reason


I wonder how they reached 1575, must be legit swiping from the store.

The region with most whales is NAE and they have the lowest prices of all.


And they wont, just deal with it

considering today prices, it’s actually less than $5k dollars to reach 1575 on an average scenario acording to Maxroll, so it’s not that out of the world for whales… I played/worked in games where I saw people that spent 10-100 times more than that… It’s not that out of the world, you don’t need to RMT to do that if you actually have money, only false rich need to RMT

Sure, because we have no history that players have been getting that far for fraction of the money you mentioned and not getting permabanned. Let’s believe that the majority is rich and swiping for $5k and are all akkan ready. Again, richest is NAE and their market is stable. Lowest RMT there.

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I guess you’re in a low population server, or don’t really check the bigger guilds, if you played any PvP island you’d have seen several whales already… They were not banned because they spent money in the game using legal ways… As I said, it’s based on Average Scenario when honing for the current prices

If you’re unlucky, or with lower prices some weeks/months ago, you can spend much more than these 5k I commented

As for NAE… It is more stable, but the prices have been increasing since July in the same way as any other server

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I have 30k and I cannot buy any bis +3 class engraving accessories with decent quality. I thought I would once I get my books done. Now that dam accessories is the amount of my 20 books and then some…

I cannot catch up no matter what I do…no, I am not going to use my CC.


I mean …

there were pleanty of chances to stop it. How often do people still explain that UNA TOKENS are the problem of this game. The inflation that comes with Bots printing money and filling the economy with fake gold is tremendous. But yet, people still argue and complain about reworking Una and crying about their 3k gold/weekly… Thats the outcome. An inflated market where everything that is worth it, is inflated x200.

Good luck

Doesn’t matter how they got there only that they are there.

There is going to be a major lull in spending outside of people pushing new class releases and with that comes a lot of gold sitting around and inflation going rampant.

Be it RMT or Swipe, the result is the same.

A lot of people are simply doing with their mains and aren’t spending to take up alts, or done with a full roster of 6 for cheap and are taking in massive amounts of gold with no reason to spend it.

Less people buying RCs, the price of BCs goes up since the supply is lower.

It’s simple.

The game economy was never stable and AGS never bothered to figure out how to deal with it.

At the start, the economy was ruined by RMT gold. You can see people talking about it every now and then. In the first few months, leapstones were going for over 900g each. Anyone who was selling it knew it was selling it to RMT gold buyers while still complaining about bots (lol hypocrisy) because there’s no way you could be legitimate and affording 900g per leapstone paying thousands of gold per hone attempt at launch.

Then you had people buying tons of fish from fishing bots at like 1g a stack so they could either save on fusion mat crafting or flipping it to sell fusion mats or selling that fish now for like 30g+ per stack (find me any other investment that gives you 30x return).

Now all those people that were raking in RMT gold from leapstones and bot fish finished their 6 character roster so they could print hundreds of thousands of gold for themselves and end up with no gold sink during content droughts.

So you have those people who benefitted from RMT gold crying about how your alts aren’t 5x3 for Yoho and crying about how the blue crystals are 3000g because the economy was always garbage and AGS is just a bumbling failure like we saw in New World when they didn’t even try to revert the markets after dupe exploits so anyone who didn’t dupe was just left behind.