Info about Horizontal Content

Hello guys ^^ ! I am a pvp player for the most part, but obviously I have some horizontal content to go through no matter what.

And I have a question for you expert of Horizontal progression ))

Can I kill Thunderswing during the pm and then attempt Sol Grande by night time and still receive the island soul as a possible drop ? Even if I already use my entry on Thunderwings ?

I’ve been trying to get this done and im doubting that my process is the good one.

Thanks in advance !

nope you need to have loot available to get the island souls from the island fiel d bosses. It’s a giant pain.

So basically it’s the same thing as with Moake, I haven’t drop his Ominium star yet, and I need to have the loot available in order to receive it.

Not exactly the best design but thank you a lot for enlighten me ! Really appreciated

It’s annoying but I kinda get why it’s there after trying the yearning grind for a few days.

It’s really draining on mental health to just sit there doing it all day. Limiting it to once a day or once every few days for field bosses is likely more to stop people from just straight burning out sitting there doing it every hour.

Yes it make sense, but still isn’t really convenient