Ingame purchase

Hi!. I Bought a skin from the shop 2 days ago for 1000 purple crystals, and i have yet to receive my item. It’s no where to be found. At first i thought it might off been delayed because of the lagg, but now im not sure anymore. And i’ve lost my currency for nothing. Will i receive my skin?

Hello @Schmuuts,

Welcome to the Lost Ark Forums! Sorry to see you’re having issues with the missing skin in-game.

We have been experiencing delays with the delivery of some items and our team is aware of the issues Regarding the In-Game Store & Product Inventory, as they continue to monitor and make improvements. In some cases, the item will appear with time.

In the meantime, Verify Integrity of Game Files and if the skin is still missing, please Contact Support for further assistance with escalating this issue.

I hope this helps. See you in Arkesia! :sparkles: