Insane frame lag and frame drops in Chaos Dungeon

After my first couple characters run chaos dungeon all my other alts experience insane frame lag in chaos dungeons. Up until a couple days ago I had no problem in chaos dungeons but the last couple days its been extremely bad. Going down to about 10 fps in chaos dungeon. Not sure if this is related to the red portal bug that send you into an infinite loading screen.

Not sure what it is either, but I do see some crazy lag spikes as well on occasion with no clear cause.

So my friend figured it out. There is something wrong with the strong hold bonus exp research it seems and the source for the lag is the exp chat messages.

I went into the chat setting by right clicking on the Normal tab and unchecked the exp and currency boxes and now my game runs way smoother

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Thank you for sharing your solution. The team has been made aware of frame drops caused by the chat :slightly_smiling_face:.

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