Insane ping issue

Huge lag spike and red latency that can only be fixed by either restarting the game or going back into the character selection screen. Can you guys look into this?
Server: Regulus

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Hey there!

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this, not to worry, I have moved your post to our Game Support section so that we can further assist you. :slight_smile:

Same thing append to me every day since the update. I also need to restart the game.
Server: Azena

Hey folks!

I’m sorry to hear about the inconvenience with the ping and connection issues. If you have not tried please take a look in the troubleshooting steps we have in our official website:

But if you still experiencing this issue please when you have a chance submit a ticket telling the issue you are experiencing here:

All the info and feedback we receive from you help us to investigate further and find a solution ASAP.

I really appreciate your help and patience on this,
Best regards.