Insane Queue, What is Lost Ark doing about this?


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They are in Korea enjoying shopping, good food and discussing about the June/July roadmap. Also, they won’t do anything because they need the 500+k user numbers.

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nice we have reached the peak hour now for the past 24 hours

Unlike other games where we can see numbers drop down during non-peak hours, this game is 24/7 peaked… the graph looked so unreal…

Yeah i noticed that and we have ques in non peak time and even higher ques in peak time its getting ridiculous.

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With more ppl wanting to get to Valtan, the RMT seems to be booming and to keep up the with the demand, more bots are in the making :laughing:


It’s not just Valtan. All NAWest servers have a 10k+ queue.

Imagine spending money on this game… haha

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but its bots…

Well they defiantly are not perma banning the accounts that fund the BOTs…

RMT’ers are the real problem not bots…

RMT’ers with their great attitudes cause they can cheat and get away with it and look down at anyone who doesn’t do it

They are doing nothing, they will keep doing nothing, because they LITERALLY CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT…

They would need to be smarter then the people making the bots, and we already know 100% they are not.

I’m number 15,673 right now. It’s so absurd it’s almost funny.

What’s funny is the fact that the queue is barely moving. We all know it’s all bots, and it seems intentional at this point. I’d rather have a 15 minute downtime every day than deal with a 3 hour queue.

queued twice because it reset halfway 13k queue. 2nd queue session : started off 15k. when 2 digits left = disconnected. FFS. 4hrs Queue-zone grinding XD

back to 15.7k? no thank you.

enjoy the game with bots o/
gonna sleep this one out until AGS/SG have definite response to this nEwMeThoDs+WeEkLyMaIntEnAnCe that did great

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Ppl wanting to get to Valtan are the small fish. The RMT whales are spending millions of gold with no fear of getting banned.

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