Insane that AGS is not compensating us for lost Crystalline Auras

As the people who began playing this game since day 1 know, we had almost a 2 week period where our Crystalline Aura’s were not working properly(disappearing a whole day most of the time) and AGS always told us that they were working on a fix and will consider a compensation afterward. So what happened?

We had no news or comms from the community team and now it turns out we are not getting compensated(since there is 0 communication about it on any channel), for a paid service that AGS couldn’t provide and this answer somewhat confirms that EU Central - Crystalline Aura - Compensation Proposal - #27 by JWarlock . They just replied to a thread demanding compensation saying that it was fixed with no further information about compensation. AGS please prove me wrong if you are thinking of compensating us but at this point, I have no faith. I also can’t believe people actually let AGS get away with it.

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True, i lost more than a week of aura.