Insane toxicity

yes mine as well … it is just sad

What that your a big baby? Your the most toxic person on this forum, constantly shooting down F2P players all the time like your superior.

As a spender I have every right to call out your horrible toxic traits constantly bashing F2P and I will keep doing. You think I want to be categorized toxic like you by F2P, nah they will know people like you are a very small minority.

Your a horrible person, but I wouldnt expect anything less from someone who thinks they are god from buying a bikini skin…

I was going to make my own post but it seems like other people also have similar experience. 2 of my guildmates quit the game today because the continued toxicity in pug groups and guardian raids.

I dunno where these people come from who thinks they have the right to flame other players who are still new to the game (class). There is a large gap in skill level because people play KR or RU before coming to NA. People forget that there is new players still learning the game.

That’s a lot of words and hate.

But you never said I was wrong. So proving my point.

In western mmos like WOW, ppl have the right to choose who to play with by asking for achievements ect. Yet here in LA the KR devs did everything they can to prevent players from knowing what is happening during a battle, in order to hide their gravely unbalanced class designs and let poor performance players get carried and enhance player number. They deprived players’ right to know so players are blindly shooting at each other and get angry easily. Imagine theres a Recount like WOW then things solved, only the poor performers get the blame and they deserve it.

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You think this is the most toxic game you’ve ever played?
If you think that, I dare you to try:

  • WoW PvP or raiding
  • ANY Call of Duty or PUBG Multiplayer
  • League of Legends
  • GW2 Raiding
  • ANY online Madden
  • ANY online FIFA

You simply have no clue what you’re talking about.

The problem is that there’s really only hardcore raids for endgame content in LOA and everything is timegated to once per week so you can’t really practice. Casual players really have nothing else to do once they hit legion raids so they are forced to partake in these ridiculous sweat fests full of people tryharding or quit the game which creates a really toxic and stressful atmosphere.

I was honestly kind of suprised once I hit 1415 that endgame was literally 8 man wipe mechanic, know mech, try hard fests with zero content for people who want to upgrade their gear taking a more casual route. It’s one of the biggest flaws in this game as new players will never stand a chance since they have no way to practice with other noobs and if you just want to chill but still get some gear upgrades here and there you can’t.

I do Abyss and Legion Raids weekly using Party Find (In september when Ill return from vacations, probably I will search for a serious Guild) and I dont see that toxicity you are talking about, at least in EUC.

You can raise your legendary equipment till whatever level without doing legion raids, just use an Alter Army to funnel mats to your main.

Eventually you will need to do the Legion Raids IF you want the Relic equipment, but you can raise your level to do them overgeared to resist better and keeping being a casual. Just watch some video guides till you memorize and be overgeared and you could farm Legions weekly as any other player.

Toxicity is bad but man, grow up already like wtf. Different ppl, different culture, different age-group. In my opinion there is no problem with the toxicity until you can mute ppl. Loa has a weakly developed system but you can sort out any toxicity, by closing the chat, you will see nothing. Imagine having voice chat. Banning toxic ppl is never the correct method, they should just limit their chat using. Toxicity is present in any game which contains multi-player. And there is a filter too. Like I was saying something in my native language to my friend and it was censured and was non violent, but probably in a different language it means something else. The only method for you then close the chat and learn the mechs to not rely on the ppl.

gonna be honest here. People like you don’t seem real. You exaggerate every situation to make it something it isnt. I’m 1200 hours deep and haven’t really seen much in ways of toxicity in any raid groups outside of idiots wanting to quit midway because they died. As much as we can take your “word” at face value actual evidence of this would be better for your case and you should be sending it to the CMs to deal with it rather than trying to host a pity party on the forums that accomplishes nothing. Also based on what you said I’m assuming you’re probably either A. A toxic piece of shit yourself and getting called out for it or B. One of the parasites that inhabit this game that expect to be carried through all the content without putting any effort in to improve their performance or character. I find people using weird ass engraving combinations and having subpar gear setup showing up to a Hard mode raid looking to get carried and underperform the whole time tend to be the ones who cry wolf and blame toxicity when you’re actually the toxic one wasting peoples time and resources to force them to carry you thru content.

Idk about that kr weeds out everyone in group finder. It also shows who threw bombs in vultan for example.
Not many get a free ride there unless it’s a bus.

Sure, you could do that but it wouldn’t be fun. Also no one will accept you into parties if you’re high level but still rocking legendary gear, lets be honest here.

Turn off chat.

Pug life is hard. Online gaming is pug life in most scenarios and environments. Bad experiences are more memorable than good ones so try not to focus too hard on the bad experiences however frequent they are. It’s good to take a good look at it now and then but even then there’s too much of it if it becomes out of hand. I wouldn’t trust the forums since this is the internet anything can happen so it’s better to touch grass and clear your mind.

Well put Cosmic and i whole heartly agree, being a casual F2P player.

Works for me :slight_smile:

I usually never post on forums, but I felt for this one I needed to. I’m a mental health professional and just as a general note I advise clients with severe mood disorders to re-evaluate whether they believe the game has a positive impact on their mental health or not. Usually, that is not the case and in your situation it does not seem to be either. Not only are individuals struggling with these disorders more sensitive to negative stimuli, but also tend to be affected by it more heavily. Try and take a break, reach out to a professional near you and when you feel your symptoms are under control, give it another go.