Instant Reflux sorc gear

I’m currently using nightflower set, is there a better set for reflux/crit instant cast sorc using phantom horns? Thank!

There is a 2 nightmare, 4 dominion set that has been popular for a while.

It’s has more dps than your typical 6pc nightmare set but it require you to pay closer attention to your awakening use and time it with conviction judgement.

You get lower cooldowns so more casts basically.

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Stick with the Nightmare set. The alternatives aren’t that great, but for casual content (e.g. cube, chaos, etc.) I run Nightmare 2 + Hallucination 4 (for the crit and not requiring awakening).

Also note, that builds focused around your awakening (e.g. Dominion) are not great in long fights (e.g. Brelshaza G6) since you run out of uses long before the fight ends.

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Is the higher ilvl flower set better? I’m at 1500 already… if so I’ll craft 6 flower and 4 dom as per your advice, thanks for this tip!

The set bonus is exactly the same, all that changes is the ilevel stats (i.e. weapon power for weapons; and hp, def, mag def for armor). The only ways to improve the set bonus is to upgrade with Mayhem Horns (to level 2) and some content we don’t have yet (to level 3).

Edit: I should clarify, the higher tier “Brelshaza” sets are just rescaling ilevels with new materials and honing rates, making progression to the same ilevel (say 1520) far easier as +22 of the original relic set is harder to obtain than +13 of the new sets. The stats are the exact same if the ilevel is the same.