Instead of complaining lets brainstorm!

Hey guys! Instead of the non stop complaining about Bots/RMT why not make a thread to help AGS/SGR on coming up with ideas to fight this problem we have on NA/EU servers. There’s alot of negativity around this topic attacking AGS and SGR instead of creating constructive feedback or ideas on how to help fight this monstrosity.

I have around 1300 hours in the game so far and I’d like to give some ideas on what AGS/SGR can do to fight against these bots and rmt peeps. First of all I believe the “low hanging fruit” as Twitch Streamer Nugiyen said on Stoopzz podcast should be easily banned. As in bots promoting in party finders across tiers. Also if you guys check the auction house in game the t1 jewelry selling for 10s of thousands of gold should be an easy flag on the person buying gold and a bot selling the gold. These players and bots should be an easy catch. I don’t know if theres a way to set it up on AGS’ end to auto flag these players listing t1 jewelry at such ridiculous prices but this could be a start to fight back against the players purchasing gold from bots. I also think people who buy gold should be a perma ban instead of a couple day ban or however long the time frame is. RMT should be a serious offence since it effects the whole region wide economy and player experience causing hyper inflation. This should make players think twice about purchasing gold and instead use the ingame shop to purchase instead. These are just a couple of ways to cut out the obvious RMT happening and or bots advertising.

Some long term ideas I have are my own personal opinions and are open to some feedback on how we could improve my ideas. One option would be a two step authenticator in game. This is an option is in many other games out there that I think a good portion of the player base would be accepting towards to help fight bots. Another option would be some kind of force logout system similar to what Runescape has. I’m not sure how long the timer should be, as well as how hard it is to log a bot back into the game whether the user has to manually launch the bot into the game or if the bot can do it on its own as well. Yes I know this would effect some players who are grinders ( I am one as well) but it could be a timer such as 12+ hours of in game time spent and then the game prompts a force logout. AGS could somehow make it so it doesn’t force logout within your instance but once your instance is complete such as grabbing guardian soul, finished chaos dungeon, legion raid completion, or event completion. I know this will cause some frustration since even launching the game can take some time but I think a force logout paired with a two step authenticator would be really huge making it more of a hassle for bots to log back into the game. I know other games also would give some people GM status within the game to help enforce TOS. This would be a small thing to help clear out visible bots running infinite chaos but I think in the long term it would really cut back on the amount of bots because some people really care about the bot problem and actively report them whenever they see bots running around, I know I do whenever I see them especially in Vern. Its just a little something extra to really cut down on the bots ingame for people who really wanna help out and go bot sniping.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this post and please do not be afraid to post your ideas in the comments! Hopefully AGS and Smilegate can maybe use our ideas as a reference and take a step in the right direction to fight these bots without hurting the player experience!

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Just starve the bots by banning anyone who buys even 10 gold from them permanently, that is the fastest solution


We have the solution under #PermaBanRMTPlayers man.

AGS is just not willing to act upon it.


Instead of doing anything just quit for now, they won’t listen until you stop wasting you time and money on this dumpster fire.

Just move on to other games because staying here is just a flustation and waste of time at this point.

This is pointless because we have no idea what they have as far as infrastructure goes and how adaptable it is to modifications.

It’s easy to make suggestions but it’s also pointless if we don’t know if it can actually be done.

Also, #PermaBanRMTPlayers

we will be left with 120k players by the end of it all even lesser.
because A LOT of people RTM.

you don’t get it do you ? AGS doesn’t give a shit about what people think or suggest.

The only person that understands it seems :laughing:

What will be left is 95% bots & 5% players who rmt or botted infinite chaos to 1490. Welcome to NW 2.0 KEKW

That’s still a fairly healthy community for an mmo.

Banning RMTers would be the best solution but at this point probably to wide spread.

Probably would have to go the harder route of identifying mules and high level botters and manually get them out. (doubt this is happening though)

Some kind a automatic system for catching them in high botted areas… (oldschool does this within 8-10 hours dont give me they cant do that shit) (also doubt this is happening)

lol truee

Not a single THING changed because of Player FEEDBACK so far, some of you are just too far in compium fields, or just are unwilling to accept that you wasted +1000 hrs

better quit the game and give review on steam

they have problems detecting bots already. They’re only banning bots who’re changing game files. Not to talk about thousands using pixels bots etc who aren’t even detected for now. It’s just so broken & not even that it’s too late anyway. Huge damage is done & is irreversible. Just like the dupe that happened in NW & affected most of it.

Meanwhile AGS preparing for next patch and Yoz’s Jar to get that money KEKW

New Word 2.0

if they spent a bit more then the cheapest possible EAC, that might help a tad.

And yea alot of people forget about the dupe that wasnt cleaned. (wish i coulda sucked off the whales titties, i was late to the party)

I left like a week or two after that. Like farming & all (had like 1k hours at that time) those voidbent & then ppl got them for me & shit. I was out yet, so unhealthy lol