Instead of nerfing abyssal raids/guardian raids

How about just adding normal/hard mode for each of them?

Make the abyssal raid normal mode not count towards the weekly or give gold/mats, but make it unlimited so you can enter with friends to teach them the basic mechanics? ALOT of the wipes/one shots require basic communication of some sort, and sometimes getting matched with randoms that just don’t respond to anything really ruins the experience.

For guardian raids the same thing applies, when I was doing them with my friends for the first time, Vertus for example was hard, but like monster hunter, it’s not about clearing it on the first 1-3 tries, it’s about being stubborn that you won’t give up after the monster kills you over and over again, it’s that tenacity that pushes you to higher content, and that quite frankly made the game fun, sure the mechanics are punishing and 1 shots feel bad, but that’s the point, you gotta learn the mechanics of the monster you’re fighting, once you clear that guy for the first time? That feeling of actual accomplishment? That hopefully people learned something from fighting it being positioning or backing off and not just 24/7 hit the monster mindlessly? That’s the current difficulty, I hope you keep that difficulty in the game, and just add a normal mode for people who don’t want to invest to much time into learning about the mechanics, which is 100% completely fine, everyone has their own way to enjoy the game, but don’t take away the hard content from the players who enjoy it, just make different difficulties to cater to different types of gamers, Lost Ark is a MMO afterall, there’s all types of players and audiences that are playing the game currently, and there’s no wrong way to play the game, it’s free and should be enjoyed at their own pace/preferences.

I hope that the nerfs won’t be overtuned and perhaps a normal/hard mode will be added instead, so players can have more choice on what content they want to do.

(One thing though, landing those counters should maybe give a bit more time for dps, I feel like countering the monster should feel just a tad more rewarding then getting 1 free skill off. )

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