Instead of nerfing just make difficulties with varying rewards

Instead of dividing the player base this much, why not try something middle ground?

Easy mode with less boss HP, less damaging mechs, and less rewards for the clear.

Normal mode is what we have now.

You want more rewards? Practice the mechs and try normal mode again. The “hardcores” will keep their difficulty and their rightfully earned drops, the “casual” players don’t take 15 minutes and 7 wipes but still get some daily rewards quickly and can carry on.

Edit: Truthfully I’d rather not see any changes at all, but I also understand that catering to casual players is very important for longevity. Not everyone is a gamer, people have jobs, families to take care of, responsibilities etc. and are just looking for a quick relax time outside of all that to get away for a bit. However, that does not mean just ruin the game for people that don’t mind spending 15+ minutes on a guardian raid, or going in blind to abyss dungeons with their friends to figure out the mechs. The satisfaction of clearing these bosses was incredible for the first time, and taking that away just doesn’t seem right either.

What happens if these nerfs roll out and these players hit T3? Legion raids? Sure, AGS didn’t say anything about T3, but the groundwork is laid out now is the issue.

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