Instead of Nerfs, Have Streamers/Players carry people and teach them

I have been carrying people through T1 guardian raids for three days. Mainly Vertus and Tytalos. I do it for free, but players still throw gold at you for helping, meaning they really want help. If you had a couple of players/gm’s/streamers (whatever you want to call them) per server just running T1 content and teaching players it would be fine. You already pay streamers to play the game, just pay some streamers/players to teach other players. Other games have systems for players to teach other players like FF14 or Tarkov. If you didn’t want to have players doing it then the next best option is GM’s. No changes to the game, and players knowledge goes up. Have streamers teach people the fights instead of them just sprinting to end game. Have videos for each boss, explaining its unique mechanics. There are so many options other than knee jerk nerfs. Please amazon, try anything else first.

Carrying is not “teaching”. Carrying implies you are either way better and doing all the work for them or way overgeared, and, still doing all the work for them. No player is going to learn how to play by being carried.

you can easy swap your gear and be on the same ilvl like the rest of your group

Having more experience and knowledge than someone about a fight isn’t carrying? You and your knowledge, skill, gear, or whatever else makes up for what the other person is lacking. Carrying. Not everyone has to “carry” their own weight for whatever reason, because someone else is making up for it. If you and someone else get told to change the oil on a car and the other doesn’t know shiz about changing oil so you end up doing it all, you carried him. You didn’t have better tools, a cooler outfit, or a better haircut. Your knowledge, made up for his lack there of. Carrying.

I get what you are trying to say. Yes. Players teaching other players is a great thing and a lot of people learn better from others than from trial and error. I’m all for it and I doubt you’ll find anyone that will say they are against that. I think the word you meant to use is “accompany”

“Carrying” is entirely different.

Carrying is exactly how I described it. If you think that carrying only means someone who has outleveled/outgeared the content or doing everything while the other person stands there then your way of thinking isn’t built for this conversation. Also, the title says “Have streamers/players carry people AND TEACH THEM”. Not carry or teach. Not carry. Carry and teach. I will no longer respond to you because you either do not understand or are choosing not to. Me and you having a conversation isn’t productive for me, so I am going to stop now. Good luck out there

Ok. No problem. Have good one.