Integrated Preset bug, duplicate gear

I somehow managed to get two identical rings on one of my toons and it appears to cause an issue with integrated presets. I have both rings equipped and saved on my 2nd preset. Whenever I switch to that preset, it removes one of the rings from the preset and won’t equip both rings. I can open up my inventory and manually equip the second ring, but sometimes I forget and go into a raid without my full 4x3, which is annoying. Any idea if there’s a workaround for this?

Reddit found a temporary fix. If you make sure your duplicate gear is in the same spots in both presets, it won’t unequip it when you switch.

Hi cchris43993! :wave:

This is currently a known issue that the dev team is looking into.

Ah, I hadn’t heard of it yet, thank you!

No problem! Thanks for providing the workaround information though and thank you for letting us know you’re having this problem as well. Every bit of info helps the team out.