Integrated Preset Problems w/ DIsmantling

Okay, seriously, what happened with this new patch? Why do I have to mess with the integrated preset every time I want to replace my gear? This wasn’t a hassle I had to deal with before Thursday and it’s becoming incredibly annoying because it seems like the only way to circumvent this is to log out of the game and relog after equipping your new gear.

Is there a way to turn this shit off so I never have to deal with it again? Thanks ahead of time.

Edit: This is the error message:

“Items saved as presets cannot be dismantled. While unequipped, change the preset number to remove it.”

I’ve never seen this before the new update and to be honest, I don’t want to deal with it. I don’t do presets. I don’t have any of my old gear set in a preset, yet for whatever reason it’s preventing me from dismantling it. Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, over?

Integrated Preset uses your existing Gear, Gem, Engraving, etc. presets. Just un-equip the gear and save the preset in your gear menu (P).

It was in the game for selling items and it looks like they extended the protection to dismantling.

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I did that and it’s still locked my gear out from being dismantled. Thanks for the info though, I guess I’m just going to have to close the game out and reopen it every time I replace my gear, that’s the only thing that seems to work at the moment.

EDIT: Switching from preset 1 to 2, and then back again, fixes the problem without having to close the game out. Just tested successfully. Still annoying as fck though.


Got it. yeah I figured out the save work around cuz I was tired of trying to sell an item and switching to an empty gear preset and dumping all my hp, then switching back to my main gear and getting that heartbeat sound until I went into a chaos dungeon.

Should just have a menu to confirm that you are dismantling/selling a preset item.

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While this works for me as a temp solution, it’s annoying and not working as intended. Is this known to AGS??

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It’s annoying and pointless. I hope they revert it asap.

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Having the same issue and not using integrated preset. I wish they would tweak this so it was at least easier to see if a piece of gear is part of a preset.

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I just wish they would do something as simple as adding a DELETE preset button… would save me for a world of hurt and pain

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There is a workaround in which you moved the item to your storage and then move the supposed item to your inventory, that way you can dismantle them.