Interesting discovery; Lost Ark EU/NA can be played without EAC

So as the title says I kind of just stumbled upon this.
Here’s I discovered it.

I clicked to open Lost Ark to play for a bit and then I decided not to play (I know indecisiveness) so I clicked to close Easy Anti-cheat at the start of its loading. Then I thought to myself hmmm can the game be played without EAC? So I waited for the game to boot post the closure of EAC and it did. Everything working fine without EAC in the background (checked with my task manager)

I never knew EAC was so easy to dodge.

you can close eac task as soon as the blue load bar is full (i think it was blue) and nothing will happen
it only checks when the game launches

Ah i didn’t know that

you can even uninstall eac once the game launched

Yeah so easy to bypass not a great anti-cheat, just launch the game close eac will its loading and active whatever cheat software afterward

incorrect , what that a launcher is doing is handling the start of loading the kernal driver into the memory and than it reaches out to the EAC server and runs a heart beat to handle everything else in the background , that exe is nothing more than a payload for the system

If that is real, why we got EAC offline DC sometimes?

EAC has no delay for disconnect , what i mean with that is when the back and forth heart beat check happens and it fails , that’s it EAC offline because that one stupid ping failed , and its normally due to a small hiccup somewhere in the route to the server.

Because EAC never implemented a wait before disconnect feature , SG did which is just send you back to server select

I believe EAC is injected to the game. I still can’t launch the other games which is blocked by EAC after terminating EAC in the process.

its more EAC does not allow difference versions of the driver to be loaded together , so lost ark has either a older version compare to w.e game your wanting to load

True, I just tested it by launching LA and ending the process of EAC in my task manager and the game’s client didn’t open out. Closing it from the tab doesn’t prevent EAC from opening its service and launcher in the background and launching LA.

So it’s as Kiyoshi said “it’s more EAC does not allow different versions of the driver to be loaded together”

funny cause when i open lost ark play and then i play for exemple SMITE both game will run fine together and both using EAC…

You shouldn’t have problem if both games use EAC, but EAC is block some games not using EAC, namely Genshin Impact. So even after terminating EAC process in task manager I still can’t open Genshin. Sadge. This piece of software just give me headache.

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