Interesting Fact

Interesting fact is that NA have 22 servers and NA population is 579m people, EU have 19 servers and population of 748m people.
I just wondered who did the math when making servers for NA and EU…

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The accountants

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I r baboon

  • 144 mio (Russia)

Considering the difference of the markets (e.g. how popular are mmos, f2ps…) we could agree on the “factor people” is a factor, but not as big as stated.

Very interesting indeed.

What’s happening with the EU servers is actually surprising. LA is wildly popular in Japan, Russia, Korea etc. Then Amazon gets ahold of it and can’t translate it’s existing popularity into brand new markets & ready servers for it. They spent their time worrying about the skin color of NPC’s and whether or not bewbs were showing. That’s AGS’s priorities, the heck with the players we have to cover up the lady parts!

  • yes I’m being hyperbolic, don’t @ me with akshully it’s different teams