Internet Disconnects/AFK Timer Quits Game

I feel like a lot of my frustrations with connectivity issues would be solved if the game just quit out to main menu if it a) loses internet connectivity or b) the AFK timer ends

The fact that we have to wait for the game to boot up, which can take upwards of 5 minutes depending on your computer, is extremely frustrating.

Is there a reason why the game just quits out? Is there some tech reason why the game needs to quit? Or could this change be implemented?

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A CM responded to a similar topic here. All we can do is wait.


thanks for the quick response! I should’ve hunted more for this topic before posting.

Sadge tho

Always a good thing to remind AGS about game disconnection issue

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Oh hey here’s an old thread of mine that’s actually been addressed! probably 4/5 times now I only get booted to server select, and it’s already saved me a bunch of time. Cool!