Internet Micro Outages and reconnection button

Is there a way to get a button or a reconnection system on the game?
I’m tired of being kicked of the game just because a disconnection of 1 seconds or less. In my internet that happens once every 1 hour.

i got the tipical error like


and i got some others like that but different letters. it would be nice if the game doesn’t decide to completely kick you just because of that. i’m from LATAM, and my net is not that good, but this is the only game i know that kick u just because 1 sec of no internet.

Yhea, i called my service and they don’t care to fix it, i tried a lot of more stuff. but the game still kicks me when my net cuts for that second.

i don’t know how hard could it be that we get a reconnection button and don’t get kicked from game, because i don’t have SSD and i take like 10 minutes get in the game again.