Introduce class change tickets

I’d like to be able to take an existing char and change its class. e.g. take my Deathblade that I’m sick of playing and transfer into a Gunlancer – idm if all deathblade specific stuff gets wiped in the process

With the 6 gold earning chars limit and the effort of honing a char up to 1445+ for relics I think this would help keep the game interesting and allows people a way to try new classes without too much time investment or cost

Not sure how new feature suggestions weigh in when development happens for Korea primarily but just wanted to throw it out there

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theres tons of things aside from just your gears and accessories, just bench it and raise a GL from scratch like everyone else. This been suggested a few times already and its not gonna happen anytime soon

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Up for this! Class change ticket is already needed for this massive class pool game. Even if its 1 time limit for 1 account.