Invalid CD Key Founders Pack Platinum

So I have made a post asking to rebuy the Founders Pack simply because I and Many others who purchased the founder’s pack have been having horrible issues with it. I myself probably one of the worst. I have been bounced back and forth with Amazon Support which is truly horrible mind you in assisting. I cannot help the fact Steam Gave me an Invalid Code I can also not help the fact that the founder’s pack is no longer available but what I would like help with is simply correcting this situation. I have the Invalid Cd Key I am sure if any of the Amazon Mods look at my Support history they will see what I have dealt with. This is beyond Ridiculous overall though.

The issue is that because I have an invalid cd key for a platinum founders pack and can’t rebuy or refund because of the amount of time I spent in the game passed the refund part Steam Support - I get an invalid CD key error when I try to redeem my CD key

Hello @HiroTenkai

Thank you for your report about your Founders Pack. Im sorry for the issue you currently have.

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