Inven and many others are furious about SG not reducing dailies

1 of the thing that ATK said on stream, it takes too much time even though he uses rested bonus also, theres brel, akkan, clown, elgacia abyss dungeon and other stuffs to do for 6 character beside 2.5 hrs worth of dailies to do every days, we currently don’t have to clear abyss dungeon because it no longer gives gold until we get elgacia dungeon, once we get elgacia dungeon we will have to do it on all our character meaning it will be even more time needed to play the game


nobody is forced to do all those things… or have 6 characters… this is the problem some people have, they made huge rosters without thinking if they actually have time to fully rotate them, or what usually happens …burn you out.


I mean its either keep people logging in everyday with reduced dailies or have people burn out and leave for months. SG really shows how out of touch they are with the game with this LOA ON.


Because if you don’t it’s swipe or fall behind.

Even with a large roster this week showed how fast you can burn through a monster horde of resources pushing GS into the new materials.

Nobody wants to run 8-12 of the same thing each day every day, it’s simply not fun.

So you swipe and not do them at all or you don’t swipe and dedicate your life to re-running content every day to pull together enough materials to keep progressing.

Above is only referring to running just your 6 gold earnings.


not everyone make 6 roster to min max their earning or to be rich, there are players that make them and play them because they love that class


guys… if ppl dont have the time or (ima just say it) the money to keep up with others, they should not invest so much emotions. Its an MMO the more ppl are involved resourcefully (time or/and money) the more ahead they are. Technically you are not forced to have alts, its a choice.

i only have 1 toon gate 4
saw shitty mats and stupid honing rates
so my other toon parked at 1490 perm until extra mats

Alt Friendly Game!


yeah, but are you not allowed to login and play just 1 toon? Is it like some sort of requirement to play the game? or do you get banned if you dont have alts? … No, its your choice to make alts, because you wanna gear up faster, you’re not forced by anyone to do it.

People forgot how much rigged honing is since for 4 months they parked their mains, but now with the “soft reset” they feel the sting of pitying everything from +13 to +20 once again.

Not having time to play > no resources to make your chars that you love strong > no motivation to play

therefore even though dailies and legion raids arent compulsary but they are needed to make our chars stronger for us to fully enjoy the game


this litterally means you dont have enough time to play the game… The streamer guy says “bruh I have a tone of alts and it takes me to much time to do the content each day on all of them, smilegate pls fix!” The answer is simple dude, don’t play a million alts!

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It’s not about being ahead when there are specific locks in place that break what people enjoy most about MMOs, doing content with their friends.

AGS/SG prices are $1500 per 1 million gold (roughly right now). Having money or not unless you are so rich you simply don’t care that isn’t a reasonable investment for most normal players to sink into a video game just to keep playing with friends.

But if you fall behind your static can no longer continue to play with you. If you can’t afford that push from 1500-1520 those that can in your static must replace you for Brel 5-6 (as an example).

Falling behind has been losing us players since the dead zone in 1370. Bad RNG, “not playing enough alts” or not wanting to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars weekly meant they didn’t hit a minimum GS and got left behind.

Then they were stuck for a few weeks while they tried to play catch up or just quit in frustration.

Sadly with Lost Ark, the challenge of the game is getting to the boss fights, not the boss fights themselves.


not just static, even in pugs they will gatekeep you and pick higher ilvl cause they will make the run faster than having you


In most MMO’s you’ll find this problem, some people have more time… some less. It wouldnt be fair for someone that spends 14 hours a day playing to be on the same level as someone who spends 2 hours a day. The same goes for the people that swipe. If you’re friends are ahead of you, it means they are investing in the game more than you, and gamewise you don’t match as a group.

but is there such MMO that takes up to 2.5 hours worth of dailies that has multiple chars / class? Cause theres 1 mmo that i played which was a Korean game also and it has over 80 chars that you can play (by now would be over 100), and dailies takes max 45m-1 hour not 2.5 hrs

Just make optional consumption of 2 entries and if you want to do 2 of each because you “enjoy” your characters then feel free to do so.

One thing to note is that X2 entry consumption should have the same drop rate of CUBE and BOSS RUSH tickets.

My weekly playtime went from 18 hours per week (x2 rested on each char twice a week + raids) to already 20 hours and I haven’t even finished all my raids because of BREL , lack of supports on Vykas as everybody and their mom is doing BREL so now you are bound to wait up to half an hour for a sup or do it all DPS which simply sucks at times.

Even Brel has a severe lack of support issue but luckily I am almost 1540 on main and got a solid guild to do content with but just looking at PF is pain.

Returning to the point

Those that do have that 14 hours of day of playing in are the ones protesting that all they do for most of those 14 hours is repeated daily chores. If they stop doing them, which most would love, they now fall behind and become part of the “those that no longer match” group.

I don’t want to kill the latest guardian whatever it may be 4-12 times a day.
I don’t want to run 4-12 of the same Chaos Dungeon with no unique variation.
I don’t want to run my roster through the same 3 exact una tasks every morning.

But if I don’t, I won’t have the bound materials on my characters to keep playing them and the cost of honing gets pretty steep, it’s unaffordable not to farm bound materials unless you swipe.

None of that is fun. None of that makes me a better player when it comes to legion raids. None of that should be the reason I have to say goodbye to friends that wanted to keep playing but couldn’t bare to keep running the boring repeat content grind just to be able to try and keep playing.

That isn’t a skill check. That’s an insanity check. They are not being gated from content because it’s too difficult for them, they are being gated from content because it’s gotten to boring for them to keep doing the daily chores.

ATK is right. The daily chores in game suck the life and the fun out of the game as a whole.


bruh, a day has the same number of hours for everyone. What are we talking about, if they will change the dailies 1 hour per day what do you think it will happen? you will still be behind! If people have lets say 6 alts per roster with 2.5 hours per day on each, changing dailies to 1 hour per day will make these people have 12 alts, because they have time to spare! get it? It doesnt matter how they change the dailies, someone willing to invest more will still be ahead…

There is metin2 which has an alt system for alchemy (basically gems in LA but with more stats) and each daily takes roughly 4-5min on each character and most accounts can host 5 characters (in some cases 30 characters after several server fusions).

There with 5 characters farming this alchemy (roughly 30-40min accounted for gear swap and travel time to farm location) can have you keep up with most heavy P2W players (some with over 100k euros invested) but at a slower pace and lower damage output obviously.

The main culprit are not the players ahead due to lots of playtime but the lower end of players who can put in a fix amount of hours due to other things to do.

Investors or players with lots of playtime ALWAYS should be ahead but right now it’s back breaking to keep up as a lower player and will have players leave due to severe burnout/lack of progress (coming from someone with 1540 main and 7 other characters to spare at around this ilvl).