Inventory "Lock Sort" Preset

I and probably many others would love a way to “lock sort” items in our inventory per slot. This way we don’t have to sort it back if we use up the item completely and the slot stays locked for this one specific item until we unlock it again. This would help so much! If we could save this roster wide we wouldn’t have to do it on all our alts too, which would be great too! Maybe you can forward this request as a QoL change to be considered in the future.
Thanks in advance


wish you could just remove the sort button


i honestly like to option to sort. but locking items to specific inventory slots would make it much better. not even sure why they used a “lock sort” mechanism per item instead of slot. does not make a lot of sense to me. however, i hope we can raise a bit of a discussion about a feature like this here, so we might get this in the future

Yea, I usually place gems I have to change and skill tree items in the right bottom of my inventory and I hate it when I accidentally press the sort button :grin:

If you alt + left click on an item it does exactly what you’re asking for. You’ll know you did it right because the item will become highlighted. If its not alt its control, but I’m pretty sure its alt.

it does not. that is the lock sort function, which locks the item as long as it is in the inventory. i want a function to lock a specific slot in the inventory to a specific item. this way it would be reserved for the specific item, even in the case i use all entities of said item

I see what you’re saying now. As long as you don’t run out of the item it will function exactly like you’re asking for though. In the case something does run out it only takes a few seconds to drag it back to the slot and lock it again, though, so at least its something I guess?

yeah sure, however if you do this for some time it’s annoying and sorting the inventory again and again is tideous. especially with more than 1 char per roster. in addition, having a specific item locked per slot and maybe even be able to save it as a preset for the whole roster should not be to difficult to add and could improve the inventory for a lot of people. at least guys from my guild are annoyed by something like this missing from the game

I literally HATE that button brbrbrrbrbrbr

Im a f* ocd maniac, and I screw the order of my stashes from time to time for that f* button.

Please, remove it from the game, or lock it, or whatever but if there will be a way to disable it, part of my brain would be very happy.

You want a lock? I simply want the item that I chose from a chest to open inside the inventory the chest was in. I keep all my battle items on my pet and generally open the chest from there as when I run out that’s the inventory I’m in, constantly I open a chest the item goes to my main inventory which I then have to move to the pet then to my hotbar. Its so extremely minor but it bugs me so so much

not sure how the interaction with the normal and the pet inventory works, since there is the crystalline aura thing between them. but something like a lock slot and sort items automatically function could help you too, doesn’t it?

Correct, if I could effectively “save” say Whirlwind grenades to say slot 1 in my pet inventory and that item defaulted to that slot no matter what it would do the same thing.

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maybe worth a push