[Investigation] Mokoko Event "RNG" (and RNG in general)

Aliens disguised as DEVs trying to conquer Earth by stealing rewards at mokoko island.
Somebody call a shrink!

Rumor has it… the mokoko spawn is visual on client side… and that hackers can literally see where the Lucky Mokoko are as they are spawning…

So if you ever see a green arrow on your map running across the mini-map… they are heading for the mokoko.

You can possibly intercept it if your lucky and kind of guess their trajectory.

I have not been able to prove this rumor as I have never seen a mokoko give me more then 2x5 gold… (10 gold)… I usually average 30 gold every day with one time being lucky enough to get 50 gold…

This event sucks

I have heard the same thing. Hackers are reading the game memory to find the seeds.

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