Inviting people bugged

There’s multiple issues with friendlist/invite system after the merge.

  • ONLINE people being shown as offline with some ridiculous count like - ‘last online 52y ago’
  • unable to invite ONLINE people - ‘character doesn’t exist or in another realm’ - channel swapping sometimes fixes that

It’s not just me, everybody I play with has this problem as well. We bypass this by creating a lobby, but that’s just a way around and I hope this will be fixed soon.


Thanks for this! I’ve seen this report from a small handful of people, but that’s definitely frustrating for those who had to go through server merges. Will make sure it is being tracked!

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Appreciate your concern Roxx. No worries tho, it’s not a game breaking bug so we can live with that for a moment. I expected this kind of issues, but merges were definitely worth it! Just wanted to let you guys know something like this happens.

Guys, any update on the topic? None of Wednesday’s fix was addressed to this issue. Yes it still exists in post merged servers.

Another weekly downtime on it’s way and still no fix for this? This is getting really annoying and instead you fix some localisation texts… Nice priorities you have there guys.
Lobby workaround is not viable anymore. We get an error note - or a message like not enough party members to start a raid. So we have to disband it, and try again.