IP Ban Reasoning

I’m not mad I don’t have to the right as a player to be based on the actions of what a company does, however I can ask a justified question to the company as to why IP’s in the KR aspect or even TW aspect were banned when the bot problem was finally dying down a bit before the recent…“purge” and “reviving” of the bots as I still see my friends talking about massive que’s over 10 - 30k.

It’s either

  1. SG told them to because AG doesn’t have publishing rights in that region

  2. the lowest effort attempt to reduce bots

Cause its fun watching the player base suffer, duh.

Why should be the lowest effort as it’s a good method

Because it’s literally low effort. It takes 2 minutes to implement IP bans. As we’ve seen it’s also not effective.

Just cause bots can work around doesn’t mean it doesn’t work … Everything u do will.in the end be worked around. It just need to be enough to be annoying

If we don’t ban the earth ID, robots will always exist.

As I am currently stationed overseas for work, I can see why there are numerous bots in the NA/EU LA, mainly due to the USD dollar exchange rate and how it can make even a small 1 - 3 bot owner possibly rich in their own country.

Not really. I’m sure they collect enough data to build scripts to flag gold buyers, seller mule accounts, and bots. Trying to target the sellers is a losing battle because they can create infinite accounts with spoofed IPs . If they consistently punish buyers who don’t want to actually lose their accounts, demand will drop and the problem will vanish. The issue is they punish players at such a low rate that people feel completely safe buying gold from 3rd party sellers.