IP restriction (GET BLOCKED)

I just wanna know if the IP restriction for the middle east gonna be removed soon or not or it will just be like this FOREVER I waited For this game to be released in EU for about 7 years and we just getting IP blocked :frowning:

Why would you expect EU servers to allow middle east region? Oo

Umm why not ?

The unfortunate truth is that they can´t say how fast or if ever these restrictions will be lifted. Fact is that publishing contracts are not something that can be done overnight. All you can do is wait

They do it now or they dont do it at all, after a month after release there is no sense starting to play LA, since u gona be waaaaay to far away from others, well, if u dont plan to spend a few thousands $$$ in that game…

Biggest non sense I heard today. So you say everyone will play when game releases and somebody who finds out about the game in april is not gonna have a great time?

Only hardcore no lifers like you think like this…


Erm… a month? XD
Unless you stay completely glued to the screen for the entire month, I’m pretty sure that you’ll still be stuck in T2 or just reaching T3 content, while still levelling alts to 50.
I’m pretty sure that after a month every new player will be more than fine. If you said a year… that would be a different story. But by then there will probably be catch-up mechanics in place for new players so…

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BS, you can start a year later and still be able to catch up at some point.


I really don’t understand the surprise here. Perhaps I need a refresh on my geography knowledge but last time I checked the Middle East wasn’t part of Europe or the European continent. Now given that as far as we know Amazon has purchased publishing rights from Smilegate to publish in SA/NA/EU continents I can’t see why people from other regions/continents have expectations that Amazon should include said regions on this launch. I mean it would be cool for everyone for sure and I sympathise with people being left out that’s not good but be real that this isn’t on Amazon. It’s almost the same if my company buys the publishing rights from Smilegate to publish on the North Pole and then I have players from the South Pole asking me why they aren’t being included. Use a VPN and you’ll play the game just fine.

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Use a VPN and play? I am sure someone will help you out with email address. or pretty easy to get gmail address.

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People need to stop being so entitled. They could not acquire rights to publish in your region. End of story. Life is unfair I know, but it is what it is.

Yes and if you look at Lost Ark prior to NAEU/West release, or any other Eastern MMO restricted to certain regions I do know what it feels like.

Prior to Lost Ark being announced for the west and people (including myself) grasped at every straw we could to support the idea that we “deserved” to have it in our region. We’ve all been there. We were all entitled at some point thinking it was “unfair” that we didn’t have it.

So yeah… they’re being entitled, and while I understand they really want to play (me too), they have to understand that it’s not coming.

Not even including a fact that u will most likely gonna have issues with transactions that way…

Can’t buy anything on the shop because most transactions will get declined. Can’t VPN because Steam will lock you out even if you manage to bypass that eventually either Amazon or Smilegate will ban accounts just like it was done to Rus / Kr servers.

Besides im not sure how fun it will be for high ping players to play especially pvp.

Tbh, I just want to be able to play for the 1st month with my UK based guild, that I play with in every mmo for the last 15 years… Don’t care about transactions, lags or pvp. Even if I get banned, at least I managed to level with them, and they will get their doze of the game and join me somewhere else, lol. Just don’t want me guild to go there without me :frowning:

I think this is an oversight if you think people will quit this game after one month and move on to something else.

about a month and a half. will surely be unlocked by the 1st of april

It might be that there will eventually be a separate Middle East/North Africa release with a different publishing license. So probably no IP unlock for EU access

Please don’t go around spreading this miss information, infact just delete this ridiculous comment lol.

You can start to play a year after release and still easily catch up and fully enjoy the game at its fullest.

Grow up, kid.