Is 21:9 necessary for PVE

I already know that 21:9 is very advantageous for PVP, but what about for PVE?

I’ve tried the forced 21:9 ratio on my 16:9 monitor on guardian and abyss raids but honestly can’t tell if it makes any difference.


For PvE it helps for range classes. Not so much for melee classes.

In my opinion, it is an investment for your gameplay. It definetly helps a lot but not necessary for PvE.

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It adds big advantage but also makes game look ghastly.

I personally won’t invest +500e for switch to get same quality on 21:9 native, especially since on most games it is meh.

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definitely helps for gunslinger


Ya i play warrior. Maybe thats why i dont see much difference.

If the black bars is the deal breaker for you, as it was for me, I found this video that shows how to do it without black bars. The side-effect is that everything is slightly stretched vertically, I personally have no problem with that.

I still dont get it, just give players more zoom. Give players options, dont force them same as with keybindings (mousewheel for example).