Is a part of a questline missing?

So I arrived at Shushire the northern continent, and a NPC tells me that he already knows me cause he saw me kill “Yegati” in an arena, and apparently I was with Jenik, the leader of the Daybreakers. But I’ve never done this, am I missing something? I’m following the main questline though. What’s all that story? Is a part of the main questline missing?

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I came here through Google, wondering the same thing. I just got to Shushire as well and getting multiple comments from NPCs about this.

If you are playing as a Gunlancer, remember in the intro after you created your character there is an intro where you fought as a gladiator in the arena in Shushire. This is a part of the level 1-10 content that was cut for the NA/EU release because it was slow. However, when you return to Shushire they all remember when you helped them out.

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The content was also removed in RU, Korea and Japan for some time now.

Thank you. I’m guessing it’s all Warrior subclasses as I play a Paladin. I was SO confused and had completely forgotten the intro.