Is a Praise Thread Out of the Question?

What would really make me sad is for yet another forum of a video game I adore to become one of many culture of cruelty hate brigade echo chambers.

How does the saying go? Evil and corruption spread where idle hands of good men are found. That’s my take on it at least and these hands are not idle.

I have a tendency to be wordy so, I’ll try to leave it brief. Despite the issues I’ve personally had and experienced with the game, I’m having the time of my life where an MMO is concerned. I’ve been an avid gamer since the NES and lived in a time before the internet. Pretty sure I’m a video game boomer.

Nevertheless, I’ve had a wealth of experience with games and have developed a unique taste for them and know what I like. Lost Ark brings notes and qualities from memorable experiences from my gaming childhood right back to the forefront of my waking life. Its a nostalgia that I’m experiencing with fellow Arkesians young and old.

The experience is like this. Meet players in game. They join the guild. Some join the Discord. We talk about how amazing the game is in spite of any trouble we’ve had during the launch month. Not only how amazing the game is, but what the experience is able to conjure in us emotionally. Many of us are surprised that a video game could have such an impact.

At any rate, I said I’d leave it brief, and this is brief… for me at least :wink:

Let this be the Praise Thread. Happy voices must be heard!

And if ya like the sauce, flavor and pizzazz and are on NA - Ladon, We are Inverse!

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AGS should make bot accounts in-game and on the forums to spam positive stuff like this on a timer.

Every time a new complaining thread pops up, an AGS sponsored positivity thread pops up too. It’s like 200 IQ 4D chess, always stay one step ahead of reality with your own version of it.

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Bot accounts aren’t needed, amigo. I’m pretty sure most people having a good time with the game aren’t complaining in the forums. I just thought it would be nice to have some of those voices in here.

Your meager attempt to diffuse the positive vibe that I’m sharing plays well into my words though. Almost prophetically so. Where my hands are busy sowing seeds of peace, you set yours to work sewing discord. My pearls are not meant for swine.

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This is literal poetry my man, +1

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And I promise. I don’t work for SG/AGS :wink:

Check the profile. That’s my company’s site. COVID knocked the wind outta of us, but we’ll be back online real soon with specialty coffee, if that kinda thing is appealing to ya.

The satisfied and happy do not want to spend their time on the forums.
I’d imagine they’d rather spend their time within game.

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What can I say? I have a greater calling I suppose.

Its painfully hilarious to see you continue to prove my words prophetic by spamming your hostility. Sorry homie. I’m not that kinda girl. You gotta respect me to gain my respect.

I like the game as well. It’s not perfect but it’s a lot of fun and has content for every mood I’m in so I’m never bored. I play a lot of different games so I don’t play this one all day but when I am playing it, I’m having a blast with my friends. This is the first MMO since FFXIV my friends have all agreed on playing so every new experience is pretty special.

I’m so amused by this game that I wore the lion mask and ran around for an hour while freaked out players tried to hit me like I’m a map boss. I just love the silliness in this game, it’s refreshing.

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We apperciate this and agree!! It’s nice to have a healthy balance. We also do continue to listen to feedback.


When it comes down to the core of the game. I love it, all aspects

I’ve waited so long for this, we all have, and I can’t believe its finally here. I still find it pretty surreal when I log on each day.

What i despise is the service we’ve had though.

This game is truly 10/10 in my books.

The service is -4/10 (I would literally prefer to of kept waiting than go through what we had to go through…)

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Totally understandable. I have a unique scenario attached to my gaming experience. For the last 8 years it has been a pillar of my sobriety. Something to do instead of grinding out Pub Drinking EXP, among other things a father of three should probably forego.

In a sense, gaming quite literally had a hand in saving my life and my family. If nothing more, we are ALL happier today with me not drinking. My wife would most certainly attest to that.

Fortunately, I haven’t had an experience to date that warrants a ticket or an interaction with customer service so, I cannot provide any insight into that process, other than I would imagine it pretty hectic.

Having children and living a sober life have definitely taught me to take everything with a grain of salt, especially my own thoughts and emotions, and certainly where any attachment to a video game might be. Especially a Free to Play one (Free to Download).

Some people will read this and see weakness. Others will see hope and strength. Others still will say I’m an AGS shill. I know my intentions and intend to follow through with them in-game as a guild deputy, in the forums as an avid fan, and in life as a business owner, husband and father.


I love the game so far. I have crazy anxiety problems so it’s nice to have something to keep my mind busy all the time.

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Except if it’s EU feedback. Then we just kick it under the rug and never ever talk about it.

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Yeah… EU Lost Ark experience seems to be a touchy subject. I’ve got no objective evidence to make heads or tails of it. My funny take on it is that NA’s words are backed up by the 2nd Amendment so, they probably carry more weight.

Could you imagine activating a country’s military to enact justice on behalf of disgruntled MMO gamers?!?!

Some of these folks would ABSOLUTELY PUSH THE BUTTON because their game disconnected during an Argos raid. Here’s to cooler heads prevailing.

Damn man, congrats on your sobriety that’s freaking awesome! I am glad you found gaming as an outlet for a new hobby

I have a very similar experience, just not at the family part yet ! :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah… it’s fairly ok.

it’s nerve racking seeing how many legit players got randomly banned by the autoban system, and then the customer support automation to go a long with that was disheartening to say the least. (FYI, I wasn’t affected, I just saw it on here)

Although, that doesn’t take away from the game being very good!

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So many instances to consider, and yes, my heart DOES go out to those who play games with more at stake.

I don’t think that that reality has quite translated up the food chain just yet. To elaborate, should I as a sober person take it personal that Lost Ark game devs put so much emphasis on drinking and being drunk into their game? Furthermore, should I let that have an impact on my choice to stay sober?

That might be a little muddy… Let me try a different approach.

I’m not quite sure every gamer on earth has taken a personal inventory as to why they game. For many, its strictly entertainment. For others, its an escape. For some, it can literally function as a crutch that supports some dark and tumultuous time in our lives. Hell, it can be a mix of all three as well.

What I’m hinting at is that until we are honest with ourselves as to what we REALLY want, we might as well be hamster wheeling in all of our affairs.

I made a conscious choice to forgo alcohol. It wasn’t easy and I didn’t always have an internet connection to enjoy online games. I could have used any of those instances to backslide into old patterns and ways. Fortunately, gaming wasn’t my only support system.

Its way easier eight years in for sure, but until we truly delve into why we game, collectively, game developers can’t possibly know either. I get entertainment, an escape, and a new hobby that is exponentially less harmful to myself and my family than some of my previous addictions. Trust me.

I would never expect a game company to remedy my alcoholism outright. That would be absurd. However, if we as gamers patiently and with kindness give this type of feedback where possible, it may, over time, have the slightest impact on those customer service reps who genuinely do want to help people to understand just how important these games and the communities we find through them are.

I truly do understand anger and frustration. I’ve felt both plenty and have seen them both spread like a contagion. Lending an ear to those in pain is paramount, but its hard to help someone who cannot even see their own suffering.

The game just launched in NA/EU. The forums are fresh and by all rights, belong to the community. To bring it back to my original point, we can either have cesspools or hot springs. My vote is for the latter.

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I don’t necessarily think unanimous praise threads are any more or less helpful than unanimous outrage ones. But I’m kind of a Vulcan IRL. Maybe thanking within threads in which helpful news has been announced, because that is logical positive reinforcement. Otherwise it looks like… well, sucking up at best and if the game is in a poor state, Stockholm Syndrome at worst.

Even if they’re not the devs, they’re paid to be the voice for them. They signed the dotted line knowing how gamers act. They’ve got resilience so far, and I don’t expect that to change.

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Hey, if its a means to share some experience, strength and hope, why not spread some love?

See it how you want. Everyone has a voice and the means to share it. I’m not saying negative feedback should be foregone. I’m suggesting the way in which its delivered in the forums could definitely be more humane.

I mean sheesh, in the cancel culture reality we all appear to inhabit currently, you’d think we’d see more kindness and patience and less angst and hostility. So ready to virtue signal until we are personally affected. Then we can fly off the hinges and disregard respect, dignity and self control.

Nope. Not here. Not from my camp. Again, in the broadest sense, evil is the absence of good just as hate is the absence of love. Are you adding to, or taking away? Do you even know the difference? And not YOU personally… the general variety :wink:

I like the quest flow, no running back to areas you thought you did already.

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