Is Account Ban The Best Penalty For RMT?

Hello Lost Ark Team @Roxx

Today I heard some players in my guild were banned due to RMT. I have interviewed them and get some my own thoughts. I have spent over 1000 hours in this game and I really hope lost ark can stay sustainable in the long future. Therefore I want to share some thought with you.

First, I think giving penalty to the people who conducted RMT is definitely a right thing. RMT breaks the play fair code of conduct in this game. It also caused a reduction of revenue to Lost Ark and Amazon. However, there are multiple ways you can penalize the people who purchase gold using real money. I want to discuss if account ban is the best approach or if there are better approaches.

I have interviewed some players whose account were banned due to RMT, and I have read other’s posts. I realized that majority of the players who were banned over 1 month eventually quit the game. RMT is a common problem in a lot of multi-player games. But account ban worked well in those other games since people can spend money to quickly build another account in the game after they switch to the official payment channel. However, why large percentage of players who were banned eventually quit Lost Ark? The reason is collectibles. People who can spend money in RMT can easily purchase those gold officially via steam and build another 1460 even 1500 character. But usually they spent over 1500 hours in the collectibles which can significantly affect the DPS. Barely any person is willing to spend time in a new account after the ban to re-do all the collectibles. It’s the main reason account ban is almost equivalent to forcing to quit.

I started seeing posts regarding RMT ban since early July. As I check the active player count, I have seen the count started to significantly drop from 291K on 7/7/2022 15:00 to 147K on 7/14/2022 15:00, which is about 50% decline. In my own experience in the game, I have seen some guilds dismissed due to guild master being banned, some players who have active account quit because their friends were banned, etc. I also noticed it’s more difficult to find teams with high item level players in the Vykas Raid, and fewer high quality accessories at the auction house.

Furthermore, I’m concerning about the negative influence on the revenue of Amazon Game division due to the wave of RMT ban. So far Lost Ark have kept a harmonious environment for both players who purchase via steam and players who chose to spend time and effort instead of paying. Lost Ark needs both of them to grow and stay profitable. With a big proportion of the players who willing to pay quit the game, I worry it might cause a reduction in Amazon Game division’s revenue.

As we talked about the downside of banning RMT buyers, what about other penalty approaches? Why don’t you try Gold Penalty approach just like Russian and Korean servers? Under the gold penalty approach, you can remove all the gold of the RMT buyer’s account, or even better you can deduct 3 X the amount that they purchased, and allow negative gold in those accounts. I believe under this new approach, fewer players will quit. Instead, after they lose more gold than they purchased from RMT, in order to continue playing, they will have to purchase more gold via steam official payment channel. In this way, you can increase revenue and keep loyal players at the same time. With this approach, I’m not saying selling gold is right. For the people who sell gold, I believe ban is still the best approach for them. But maybe gold removal and negative gold will be a better penalty for the buyers.

At last, I sincerely hope lost ark can grow larger and keep bring us new contents. Regardless, this will always be the best game I ever played!

All have a wonderful day!

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prefer negative gold

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If you have negative gold you just RMT your way back to positive gold

Player counts dropping is due to bots being banned and a slow down in content. The number of people being banned for rmt is a tiny fraction of the players. I know other people who have rmted and are still not banned.

Good, good. Penalty by perma ban yes.


It sounds like you interviewed yourself


It actually does make sense in a way to just give them negative gold maybe like double or triple of what they RMT’ed. They still get to play the game, and if they want to go back to playing legitimately and making gold normally, then they are practically forced to pay Amazon MORE than they paid the RMT losers. Second offense of RMT is permaban then obviously, since they clearly wouldn’t have learned their lesson. Probably also permabans for very large amounts of gold.

RMTer sympathizers are trash, piss off with your cheater friends.

Have a spine once in your life. Stop lying and making excuses and take responsibility. You don’t give a shit about this game try to fool who?


A player who cheats does not simply
“oops I accidently put my card info on this gold sellers site”
They knew exactly what they did when they did it.

no other mmo was ever this lax before on RMT
AGS Finally setting an example was what was needed to happen



none of you above me read the post

Yes. It is. Buying gold from third party botting groups is literally CHEATING. Your friends were willing to make the game harder for everyone else just to get a leg up. Not to mention funding the bots that have been a plague on this game for MONTHS. Hell a couple months ago many players on NA West literally could not login because the bots were so bad. I have absolutely 0 sympathy for anyone who was banned for this. Basic karma.

Honestly I am shocked that they haven’t taken a firmer stance towards RMT considering the industry standard punishment for this is at MINIMUM account termination without the possibility of appeal. Hell in GW2 they literally track every bit of gold that is created. If they see someone receiving large volumes of gold they are immediately flagged for investigation. The fact that AGS let many players off with a warning is hilarious to me.

But you want them to be more lenient? Bro what? Like I get you want to play with your friends but lets be real. They knew what the consequences could be when they decided to cheat the system. Its the same as any other online game. You get caught odds are that you are gonna lose your account.

I read the post. I just don’t see anything there of value. Third party RMT has cost AGS as a company an ABSURD amount of money not just in terms of missed revenues from players but in terms of maintenance costs and in terms of manpower wasted trying to solve the botting issue. Bots that only existed in such insane numbers because of players like OPs friends.

This one got me though.

Loyal players who would rather buy from a botting group and wreck the in-game economy :thinking:


perma ban is the best penalty because if they still want to play lost ark they have to start over from scratch meaning they have to spend time to go through the G spam train and doing their collectables again


I still see too much obviously RMTed people. Ban them all.
They violated the ToS, they knew what they’re getting into when they bought the gold.


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Banning RMTs makes 0 sense. They buy a new 1415+ account for few bucks or they just quit. Never forget it is about real life money. And all RMTers are potentially customers of AGS who buy somewhere else because is just too greedy and expensive.

Gold penality is like a perma ban. Depends on the negative. If it is too high it is like a perm, if it’s too low people just buy gold again from RMT market.

Still I believe that 70-80 percent of the people in LA are rmting.

Fault is also AGS for not running more competitive prices. Don’t come with the argument that exchange rates are player driven. Open the description session of the exchanges and read and see the details.

The only successful solution would be setting up competitive gold prices.

RMT is a Symptom of a very bad game Design. Blame the people who made it possible. Would be more smart getting all RMTers into the legal ship of AGS by putting up better prices and values.

RMT should be a perma ban, even if they take ur gold away or make u go negative.
People know EXACTLY what they are doing when they RMT and they should be banned for it.
No second chances, no negative gold, a straight up perma ban.

This will change nothing. They just return by buying for 80-100 bucks a new account.

How long do you suppose it takes to make a 1415? Even considering RMT gold prices, starting from absolute nothing takes a while, even if just to press the honing button and run the story quests.

And then what? Risk another ban?

People who spend thousands of money into RMT do not care for an ban. Either buy a new account or they just quit without any emotions. The people who bought small amounts try eventually to appeal (which is super stupid).

Also, do not forget that even RMT is expensive in LA, nolifer never can afford.

ure right we should just leave them be then, take no action whatsoever.

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