Is Account Ban The Best Penalty For RMT?

No! AGS need to get them as legal customers.

Problem solved.

I Agree on That

Just ignore Every BOT every RMT every Cheat and every Fraud.
Let Lost Ark be a place of player anarchy.
Just keep 3 million players on steam charts and everyone is happy


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Hahaha yea well.

If they would seriously start to ban RMT.

LA would be dead in one day and most of your beloved ingame friends suddenly gone.

First and the most important: #permafkinbantheRMT

Second, putting them let’s say in -4 m negative gold will give 2 options: 1 - they RMT it back, 2 - they will quit anyway seeing that negative amount and how much they have to pay to replenish it to a positive or at least 0 balance.
The RMT destroyed this game, bots destroyed this game and there are still those like you who complain now that they have been dealt with. Fkin incredible.
Some of us never spent any money in this game and can still catch up pretty easily (even if takes a bit more), you RMT, get Perma banned.
Stay safe OP, have a great day!


I mean I think the vast majority of the community is against the idea of allowing people that are confirmed cheaters to keep their accounts.

Also you are under the false assumption here that players would ever consider spending money legitimately. AGS Will never match prices with gold sellers. That just is not something that they - or any other company with their own exchange systems have ever done.

Why would AGS let gold sellers dictate their prices? If AGS lowers prices gold sellers will just undercut them even more. Eventually the prices would bottom out and AGS would make virtually no money. Not to mention the consequences this would have on the in-game economy.

I would at the very least settle for negative gold values - but only if they set the amount to be like 5-10x the amount that they RMTed. Also prevent those players from using the AH or trading with other players period. If they want to get their account back to good standing make them pay for it. Players that cheated like this caused significant damage to the economy. Whether it was poor game design or not - everyone is well aware that this is against the rules. The punishments need to reflect that damage.

This is probably true - but AGS has also done a really good job recently of taking bots out of the game. This is likely cutting into the supply of gold quite a bit, though I have not looked at gold prices on any third party sites for several months so I cant really speak to this too much. While obviously I do not think that every single one of these people should be retroactively banned in the future I do think that the public stance on punishments needs to change and obviously people that are caught having purchased disgusting amounts of gold should still be banned and their contacts investigated as well.

Again AGS is not going to let gold companies dictate their prices. The only reason it seems so bad right now is due to the massive amounts of gold that have been injected into the game by millions of bots - FAR in excess of what was ever intended by the devs. While you are correct that SGR and AGS are responsible for letting things get this bad - letting players off with a slap on the wrist is sending the wrong message to the community.

They just need to do a large ban wave against confirmed RMTers and put out a blanket announcement that they are actively revising their policies. This will greatly soften the demand for third party gold as the average player probably does not want to risk losing all of their account progress.

Again this would not solve the problem and would likely create more issues than it solves. It would be great for players in the short term. A price war between AGS and Gold companies? Gold value would plummet to virtually nothing in a matter of hours.

Again you are correct that AGS is responsible for this. They should have anticipated the bot issue and gotten ahead of it before launch. Clearly they massively underestimated the number of bots that they would be up against. The developers at SGR did not design the economy to take this level of inflation into account - why would they? The KR version has never faced an onslaught of bots like this before and probably never will with their account level protections in place.

However that does not excuse members of the community who are so willing to screw over the rest of us just to get a leg up.

Majority of players do not want to lose access to the game on their main accounts - its not just a matter of ilvl but also horizontal progression stuff.

Also if you are banned for cheating(or most things actually) that ban will be listed on your steam account forever. Not a VAC ban mind you but people will still see that in bright red text on your profile in every single game you play on steam. It is not a good look.

This is not just a matter of punishment but one of deterrence.

It is not even about dictating: the gold prices from AGS are trash, even if there would be no RMT market of what ever. It is just scam. 100 bucks for 30k gold is a fucking joke.
If I’m about to invest 100€ or dollar I want to get a huge package for that money. If you convert that value for real life stuff, it is just scam.

Yea sure, the game is basically bot free, at least in my region. The prices are so low that selling stuff/mats isn’t worth anymore. With that the buying power is increasing but still: this is no argument introducing such a bullshit of expensive “legally” gold trade in the exchange.

It is what it is: AGS is responsible for that we have to deal with RMT and only AGS can fix it.
LA is a short term business, that’s why nothing happens.

The vast majority of the forum. Do you really think you will find honest opinions here in the forum? What do you think how much percent of people who RMTing are writing here #permbanRMT, just to stay below the radar?
The forum is a small percentage of the whole community and does not reflect anything.

Just make a small math: how many real players we have without bots? How many players we had with bots? bots were around 700 000 + 150 000 real players, right? Now think about the demand/offer principal.

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist or anything above 6th grade English to understand the reasoning behind perma banning RMT. It really is not a hard concept to grasp.

Perma Ban for all who RMT to Gold sellers. No if’s, No but’s, no slap on the wrist - Perma Ban them all, the only way to solve a problem.

negative gold will not cut it because they are lvl up and able to easy run high lvl content to earn the high gold amount. so it is not just subtracting the gold they RMT, it has to even subtract amount for all the gold, mats, and whatever drops they got from dungeons, raid, field bosses while being overgeared. Some might took the gold and reinvested into markets got blue crystals, and made even more gold from the markets by having more gold to start with. It is just too complicated to trace all those transactions. It is just easier to ban else have to go through inventory and figure out what drops have to delete, just too complicated. Also all those geared lvl, need to delete those +2X gears too since they used bad gold to get there. Then also need to reverse roster level combat lvl points and all experience points got while overgeared. Just too complicated. That does not even take into account the damage done to the economy to community. Gold to Blue Crystal is like 4xx now and it was 8xx a few weeks or month ago. To compensate the community, who bought gold at high prices due to RMT inflation, that would mean even more deduction from the offending account. At that point, the account might as well be abandoned.

All accounts should be tied to real ID, getting banned for cheating should disable access to all multiplayer services on entire steam platform.

that’s actually a good idea, but can’t see it set in the short term. multiplayer games may see it integrated in the future tho.
VAC bans actually already help with some games moderation, like Rust private servers which automatically ban you if you join a server with a VAC ban record

yeah but nothing prevents you from making another account and doing that on second account, hwid bans are not going to work because of spoofing, ip bans won’t work as well. We can see multiple cases of systems that are not working in the west, and single loved solution in Korea that is working and prevents people from making multiple accounts to some degree. We should take examples from working systems, not patching up something that is not going to work no matter what.

If value of the packs sold by AGS gets too low I’m sure they will eventually do some adjustments in order to increase their profits - they are very good at this, tho I feel like games are not long term thing for them and are willing to write them off.

Anyway, if you are 1340+ then your primary source of gold should be dungeons and later raids, not cash shop - unless you are loaded. To me RC are used mostly for cosmetics and stuff like character slots. I wouldn’t buy gold for them and I suspect there is plenty of players like me.

You think that AGS reads their forum posts before they decide that they aren’t RMT? They see that someone bought from them a 1lvl T2 gem for 4m gold and they see forum post by them saying #permbanRMT and AGS is like “Oh, that wasn’t RMT cause he wants perma bans for RMT. Lemme whitelist him really quick”. Bruh.

I really don’t care that prices of things changed drastically as number of bots and RMT got down. I wouldn’t even mind if they removed market and AH completely if that meant we didn’t have RMT cheaters anymore. I friggin’ hate cheaters. Ban them all, even if that will reduce population to 20% like some claim.

Source: Trust me bro


Source: 700k bots for 150k players, break it down - there is no need to maintain so many bots if no one would buy. Proof me wrong.

True, gamedesign still provokes swipe or spending money in general. Small amount here, small amount there… Amounts maybe getting bigger because stuff gets easier… bruh.

I mean look at KR people who are kinda all huge spenders (kanima as exception but he isn’t KR right?)

That’s not how world works, if you are giving thesis, then you have to bring undeniable proof of it being real. In your way of thinking you can say anything like “pink space elephant exist, because you can’t prove that it doesn’t”.

soo… Source: Trust me bro

It is what it is and it is not a thesis. It is basic economics.
If no one would have bought, there wouldn’t be a single bot in the game.
If just a few would have bought, there wouldn’t be as much as bots ingame we had.

Hard to understand I guess.

thanks for correcting my 2nd language, I appreciate.

yes, you seem to not understand what I said at all

i prefer x2 negative gold
if you do it again perma