Is afk killing mob illegal?

I see many players afk killing trash mobs just to get adventure book collectibles. I don’t know if they are using macros/scripts or just are holding right mouse button, but they stay on same place for so long (some over all night) just using auto-attack and killing trash mobs.

So I want to know if this is allowed or illegal, because I’m reporting’em, but if this is legal, I’ll do the same tho.

Technically if they are at the PC holding right click there’s nothing wrong with that but any sort of script / macro / taping right click down ( harder to prove ) and not doing it yourself is against tos and can lead to a ban.


Hello @wakkytabbaky and @Capeta

Hope both of you are doing great !

I apologize the issues you are having with this situation.
If you think the player should be reported because of this please go ahead and report it and we can work to check if the player is Cheating.

As @wakkytabbaky said , please do not try the same behavior from this player since if he’s using illegal programs to get Advantage in game can lead a ban for sure knowing this was a no fair practice.

We really appreciate you report this kind of topic on the Forum,
i also recommend that you send your feedback in the Game Feedback section of the forum and in the following link:

Hope this helps and make feel more clear on this kind of situations.

Have an excellent week and take care.