Is AGS Powerless?

We’re also ecstatic to announce that we’ve worked with Smilegate RPG to include a top player request in the June update— a Stronghold Research available at Item Level 1460 that improves alternate characters’ honing rates on their journey to Item Level 1415. We were too excited to not spoil that one, but you’ll have to wait until June 29 for the full release notes.

Yoz’s Jar and the Legendary Skins will not be available in the June Update. We don’t currently have a new path forward for making the skins available. We would like to revisit this and do so if possible, but that is something that has not been decided on at this time.

It feels so disingenuous that it was so much of a fight, so much effort expended to get us the Stronghold Honing buff and remove Lootboxes… Yet adding a non-RNG opportunity to purchase the skins by just placing them in the shop as is is “If possible”.

What of other asks? It’s just too hard to have the missing classes. It’s just too hard to add content that has launched in the game three times now in other regions.

Is AGS really so powerless in this version of the game? This reeks of the same out of touch with reality executive baloney is Blizzard saying that they never said “Gems” wouldn’t be RMT-fodder in Diablo Immortal because “Gems” aren’t “the 9 gear slots.”