Is ags support foreign?

I find it very disheartening at the (lack of) support when you create a ticket or open a chat. it is almost like they do not understand basic english and just give pre made responses.
i included a link to my support post and some chat logs

India, actually, and the gulf seas.

If you have to explain the joke, you know what they say.

No, there are the same bots running rmt sites.

i just find it disheartening that their own support does not understand the concept of weekly reset in their own game lol. keep insisting I got loot 2 days after the ticket was made XD

Yes the support is outsourced, probably the cheapest they could find, and given no power. It was the same in new world. They quite literally cannot help you with anything beyond canned lines like “restart the game” and “validate the steam files”.

Feels like AGS did everything on the cheap. The localization is cheap, support is cheap, in-game moderation is cheap.


Can’t get any cheaper than no cost :wink:


aw why delete lol