Is Amazon illegal?

The game open day: Around world can enter game and pay money

2022.4.30 : amzon : We have tos We ban vpn . use vpn player go away

2022.6.8 : amzon : We have tos We ban outside us player or botter. outside player please go away.

Why dont amazon ban the vpn or outside player on the game open day ?

You are not banned, just move to the region in question?

Amazon is not banning players from the game. If you are trying to play the game from a region outside of where they have publishing rights, you cannot access the game.

As Zoul said, if you moved to a country where AGS has rights to publish, you would be able to play. So no, Amazon isn’t ‘illegal’.

They did.

At launch, Lost Ark could only be installed from Steam in the regions it was being released in. People looked at the youtubes to get advice on how to use VPNs to fake their country of origin to evade the region bans and get it installed. The people who are crying about that 10010 error now have only themselves to blame.