Is Amazon lying about Bot Ban?

They say over 1million… but…

There is no contradiction. First of all, those accounts will be banned in waves. Second of all, those Steam statistics are for concurrent players, not for total players. If we knew the total player numbers, then we could have a discussion on this topic. Obviously those bot accounts are not all logged in at the same time.


Bots don’t sleep :slight_smile: they are up 24/7

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Sure, go ahead and give them a pass for doing a, frankly, shit job of mitigating the issue. If the average player logs in and sees nothing but zerker and sorc bots running around killing story mobs, or area chat full of nothing but gold spam, how can you even claim they’re doing something about it?

If what they’re doing “behind the scenes” like banning in waves, effectively does nothing to improve the player experience in a tangible/noticeable manner, then it doesn’t matter.

Where did I do that? Please show me.

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Probably they were banned, but banning existing bot accounts wouldn’t do anything. They need to either update detect system or change early stage gold generation method. They will simply come with new accounts as they do, and that’s how they make gold

I’ve talked about it on other thread.

changing the gold quests wont do anything LOL

Don’t be daft, contradicting the opening post by trying to sound smart and talking about ban waves and concurrent players does absolutely nothing to help the bot issue.

How is what he said wrong, anyways? If anything, the picture posted proves they didn’t ban them waves, it clearly says “today we will be removing […]”

No clue if they are lying or not because i don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. As long as they do something against it, i don’t really care. In fact i know that this issue won’t be resolved with one or two ban waves or over night. It will be an on going fight and we’ll probably won’t even notice the difference.

Nah. They did ban a lot of real players except bots~~XD

Im not saying they didnt ban. But peak, 1.3kk players at launch… tell me how many of us are there? 5kk? 10kk? players?

I made no statements on the quality of their work, positive or otherwise. I just answered OP’s question. But you can keep getting angry over imaginary things.

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You are underestimating the power of gold generation by bots. Amazon/Smilegate surely has the gold accumulation and growth chart, and I hope they can show it to you.

it wouldnt change a thing LOL and im sticking to that the bots would still bot even if u removed the early gold

The problem here is that AGS doesn’t have their “tools” ready yet that is “supposed” to help them combat the bot army.

Their current wave of bans is happening slowly over time.
So slow, in fact that by the time they have finally banned the last bot on their current list, the farmer has already replaced an equal number of banned bots (or more).

The way AGS is doing things here is quite comical and sad really.

Honestly these bots are persistent, And sadly they won’t miss a beat

For the past hour, I emptied my block list twice. At Bilbrin forest@Spring Refuge Outpost, 1 map out of 40 on Avesta. Drinking coffee watching tv and half afk. I went through 162 copy and paste bot reports over 40 min timeframe. By just standing next to Armen.

I know they are working hard on the issue. And appreciate all there hard work with first banwave.

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Yes they will persist, but gold inflation will be stabilized since bots don’t generate actual gold anymore. It will simply make gold circulate

You need to give them some time to work on stuff, it’s not easy to fix everything very fast. Lost ark is also a free game, so bots are always recreated as soon as their banned.

AGS said they are working on a better tool so just be patient.

I’m well aware that Lost Ark is a free to play game and hearing this excuse is tiresome; yes, water is indeed wet. I don’t see the KR crowd pitching a fit about it. It’s almost like requiring some form of verification helps curb the issue. How long have F2P games been a thing by the way? You mean to tell me they didn’t foresee there would be bot issues? The severity of the bot issue only highlights their lack of planning and foresight on the matter. Toss out all the excuses you want, it doesn’t change the reality of how negatively the player experience is being impacted by this.