Is amazon using bots to maintain the game's popularity?

LA is in the top 3 on steam. More visibility = more players = more money.

Bots are so numerous and obvious that i can’t believe this isn’t on purpose.

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Yes, I strongly believe that Amazon is purposely not banning bots to maintain the game’s popularity.

While it wouldn’t surprise me if it came out they were since nothing shady people do in this morally bankrupt world surprises me anymore, I highly doubt they are. I feel that more people are sick and embarrassed by the bots and wouldn’t recommend the game to potential players than those that don’t care about them.

like i saw bots hitting the positive review on steam. but i don’t really believe amazon using bots ingame to maintain popularity cause that sounds very stupid to assume. specially since this thing is very common in games like this where you can trade gold etc. why would they ruin the game reputation just to make it look like it has huge playerbase? lol

I dislike ags behavior at all. But i can not imagine that amazon runs the bots for the playercount.

another hot take
if this was the case why woud they create bots that farm gold to sell for less money? :eyes:
Wouldn’t they… i don’t know… just create inactive accounts to boost the numbers and don’t lose money from RMT?

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aaaand losing big chunk of money from RMT… smurt :joy: