Is any other regions gonna be added?

I’m from Israel and i have couple of friends who really wanna join the game but we cant cuz of IP lock. All the games we play in Israel are through EU servers cuz:

  1. We don’t have any game servers in here… like no servers at all!
  2. EU servers are closest to us with good enough pings (45ms-90ms) to enjoy the game.

Amazon do not own the rights to publish the game in the region Israel is in, so it’s unlikely for now - sorry

Are u from this region or from Amazon? how do you know this? Where’s the info from?

Because Amazon own the rights to publish in NA and EU, last time I checked Israel was not in America or Europe?

Amazon literally has offices in Israel and are working here for 5 years already if I remember correctly… I guess that gives them publish rights at least in Israel if not the region.

Publishing Rights are determined by the Owner of the game (in this case Smilegate RPG), as such you would have to direct enquiries to them. Simply having an Office in a country does not allow a company, even one such as Amazon, to take someone else’s material and do whatever they like with it in that area.