Is anyone doing that fat lady on the party island?

Tried to do it today but not a single soul doing the fat lady. a few ppl on the island but they not doing it. Is it due to her damage and potion drain?

I’ve noticed that there’s enough people to do it during peak time, but around dead times (middle of the night or super early in the morning) you’re probably on your own

this is at 10pm server time. is that considered non peak? also, i never had that issue with the chicken festival.

It depends on the server I suppose, it is a Sunday so for many it’s a work night and they may log off early. You can’t really compare it to the chicken event though, the chicken event was chill. Killing the fat lady is a pretty massive pain in the ass, the shop rewards are pretty nerfed compared to the chicken and Grand Prix events, and you only get 300(ish?) of the currency for killing her at the end.

I did her the first time, and skip every time after since, not worth it. Especially since she lines up with other time sensitive events, so dance floor and bug out to do something more worthwhile like singing to plants in Shangra.

I always take my time to make sure I pick up my glowstick and wack a fat lady.

I even came up with a nursery rhythm.

“I pick my red glowstick up then the green stick up and wack a B around. watch her do the hokey pokey and shake it all about. That’s what it’s all about.”

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Also depends on the amount of alts, the more alts you have and play daily, the less worth are doing the event dailies and bosses, because just by playing the alts you get so many event coins daily, that you can’t spend them all weekly on that limited event shop

fat shaming? :scream:

It’s because the event is sh*t, like everything (or almost) that was here in season 1 of the game, and Smilegate know it, but we still have it.

OOOOO you’re an old mofo like me LOL. The relevant question is: What if the hokey pokey really is what it’s all about? :wink:

Na there’s people on all times of the day because you know time zones I’m in NZ and there’s enough people on but the boss sucks that’s why no one is doing her.

Because it just sucks in general. Rewards don’t feel worth when u have to spam pots and feathers due to the boss 2 shotting you at any ilvl because her attacks being % of ur hp.

A lot of people do the event by sending multiple toons around the island for the dailies, and then ignore the dance/boss event. I’m one of them.