Is anyone else excited for the future of Lost Ark? 😍

Idk about you guys but I quit WoW a while ago because I genuinely got tired of the horrible Loot RNG Systems that exist in Western MMOs.

LA dropping in NA was incredible, it is probably one of the only few MMOs left that truly respect player time and with all the new content releasing for this April & May I can’t help but feel like I found my new main MMO and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Arkesia!

On a side note, I SUPER excited for Glaivier!!


Me too! Glav… Lance Master. Yea!!

I haven’t played any mmo in years. This looked interesting enough for me to try. I’m enjoying it so far and we don’t even have real content yet.

As long as AGS/SG doesn’t mess up that bad and intentionally discriminate against NA/EU, then I think future looking good.

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Lol I’m only excited for valtan I got no more slots of my roster so new classes is useless to me personally.

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I think they’re going to do just fine if their history so far with this game is an indication!

Valtan is def. going to be hype!