Is anyone's account banned because of forgetting to close some porgram?

My friend just used Gamehardware to modify IP, and she forgot to close this program when played Lost Ark, then her account was banned. And after submitted the ticket, she only received a reply from the robot @Roxx . So what should my friend do next/

Does your friend happen to be you?


not me. She just doesnt know to use forum

Next time don’t cheat and you won’t get banned

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If i remember correctly, using 3rd party program is against TOS. Modifying IP means, she’s using VPN or something like that? I wonder why she used it though.

well too bad ur friend is not a streamer and wont get special treatment. all Koreans change their IP to play on NA EU and when they contact amazon they give them their new IP and get insta unbanned

Dhe use this program for other things. She just forget to close it.

What does the ban reason say? Cheating or 3rd party program used?

modify ip address? aint that using a third party program in which a bot would use lmaooo idk man. Sounds like a reasonable ban to me. :person_shrugging:

Every ticket sent to Customer Support is reviewed by a real, human agent. While some responses may come from a template, they are not automated. Additionally, submitting multiple appeals may slow down the speed at which your issue is reviewed, as agents will have to sort through each ticket on your account.

She will need to wait for a response as the agents decide appropriate penalty. However, her actions broke the TOS directly, so please keep that in mind while waiting for a response.