Is anything going to be done about the bots?

Or have we just given up and are allowing them to be because they aren’t causing anymore problem with the queues? I guess they are good for inflating player count on steam.

player count has been hovering around the same amount for awhile now. which is a good thing, because it means that bots are being banned as much as they are being created. not sure what you are complaining about as they are clearly working on it. believe it or not there is not a magical ban all bots button.

They maybe need another PR Action, WHO knows

Are you serious?

Wait, don’t answer that.

Pretty sure they are hovering that amount because the botters know if they go overboard, it may alert AGS. That or they have an agreement with AGS that if they don’t cause queues, it’s fine.

easy anti cheat is the problem. get a better ac system and the majority of botters cant get through the new anti cheat system. der also do consulting, maybe amazon should ask them about the problem.

I’m pretty sure the ban hammer is hitting harder now.
However it is still annoying whenever I talk in area chat that annoying whisper spam will apear XD