Is anything going to be done about the horrendous localisation?

The translations were questionable ever since the beta. But at least it was passable, the voice acting only diverging rarely from the subtitles.

But in South Vern? It’s a complete and utter joke. It would be easier to list the times the voice acting actually matched the subtitles, for I can count those instances with one hand.

And we’re not talking just a couple words being switched around. No. It’s complete sentences with completely different meanings leaving you wondering which one is correct.

It completely sours the experience and, yes, as cliche as it sounds, ruins the immersion.

@Roxx is anything going to be done? Or is this going the way of every single other mmo port where the localisation is just compeltely ignored?

It’s not like it’s any great feat. It would take maybe a few hours for a single person to listen to all the dialogue and transcribe it, assuming the original scripts are no longer available for whatever reason.


If they thought it was okay to release, what makes you think they would change it?

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So you think feedback is pointless? Why, they should just delete this forum outright!

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Even if it takes a lot of effort, they should definitely clean up the localization. The game comes off as cheap and low quality with the way it reads. Voice acting is horrendous too.

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Cleaning up localization will be ongoing over time, and even happen retroactively. I’ll definitely let the loc team know about the issues with South Vern as more pressing


I’m glad to hear that. I’m looking forward to it coming to reality.

I and, I’m sure, many others greatly enjoy the lore Lost Ark has to offer. It really is a shame that it’s soured by a very lacklustre localisation.


Thanks for the replied Roxx. To be honest, did had a great lol when Avele was saying “Ohh no what should we doo…” XD.

On another note, will there be a possibility to include a timer on the field boss like Maneth Rudrick, Casrick, etc. Those boss that are part of adventure tome but not World boss. It helps greatly for the new player or veteran who want to complete their adventure tome without having to wait for 1-2 hours ?

Thanks and keep up the good work.


welcome back roxx, hope you had a good time at pax east!

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do you know if we need to have stronghold lvl 55 for marte to spawn?

Would you be so kind and show them this?


You guys need to hire a better localization team. As a female character im getting tired of being called him all the time.


Be sure to bring labeled pictures of gorillas and orangutans along when you go talk to them.

This, it’s so annoying. Even worse there are rare times NPCs actually refer to my character as Female so someone doing localization is taking the time to put in those checks. It should be everywhere.

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And it gets even weirded when you have romantic-like interactions while your female character is referred to as a male.

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I understand that korean is a genderless language, but all that does is point to the localization team doing it were just given a block of korean text with no context and told to translate it word for word. Probably didnt look at the cutscene or quest that its part of or care to check who was talking and what the genders of the characters are.

It reeks of people working who dont give a shit and want to get paid.


The localization is truly embarrassing. It makes the game feel cheap. There’s sooo much misgendering too, it’s like there’s zero quality control. Both player characters and NPCs are referred to with the wrong pronouns all the time, it’s really jarring. If they can’t make separate lines for each player gender, then they should use singular “they” because it just looks ridiculous otherwise.

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The South Vern VO(voice acting) is a joke. It’s terrible in quality/acting and it’s terrible in matching the actually read-able dialogue.

I don’t understand how the localization is so off, it’s pretty embarrassing for a big company like amazon. Like the voice acting usually says something completely different then what is written in English, like what lol.

I would just use the KR voice pack but there are a ton of bugs using that like audio just randomly cutting off

Yeah I know you guys trying best… but South vern VA was … umm umm :cold_sweat:

How it actually happened is pretty easy to understand. They took the scripts, and gave them to multiple contracted translators/companies that had no contact with each other, had no proper context and probably no idea what the rest of the story is.