Is azena down? i cant log in

I cant log in

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Same; tried logging back in after a guardian raid (Helgaia) screwed up, no luck.


Kicked me out and now only getting errors gg

Also down for me, got stuck on a loading screen had to alt f4, now says im already logged in and account is locked

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Same. Rip boss rush.

I was doing a guardian raid about 5 minutes ago, got a message “Cannot connect to server. Exiting game.” It closed the game when I hit ok and now I can’t log back in. Getting various generic error messages when I try.

seems to be.

same, game errors what the hell

if i miss a wei card because of this its def an uninstall


sigh not again …

It’s likely you wont miss it if it cant appear because its down at least… lol

I just 1 tapped my weapon from +17 all the way to +20, then immediately DC’d.

Hopefully no rollback!

+1 says multiple login attempts can get me locked out too :smiling_face_with_tear:

It keeps saying I’m 0 in queue. xd
So I demand compensation of 100 days of crystaline aura!1!1!1!

getting disconnected consistently when I get back on