Is Azena down NA - East?

Was stuck on infinite loading screen existing a chaos dungeon in Punika. After terminating process, I went back and now can’t get into Azena at all. I get the “an error has occurred exiting the game” error…


sameeeeeeeeeee :upside_down_face:

Now getting hit with the already logged in error.

yup tried loggin in 3 times and keeps telling me im still logged in now im timed out. can this be fixed please

Yes it is down. Hopefully a mod is working being that its Easter weekend they might not.


My friend got kicked out and now I’m stuck in a infinite loading screen.

this is wierd that whenever we have a surge of players playing that AGS servers can’t handle the load. Same thing happens at launch, same thing happening now with Easter holiday more people are logging in. I can’t image next week when new classes release how the server stability will be like.

same here

Same. infinite loading into arthentine on Azena. Closed game after 15 min, tried to load game and it said i was still logged into game and attempt may restick log ins. Closed game waited 10 min and tried again and azena character page just loads for a bit and then says cannot connect to server.

FIX THIS!!! :slight_smile:

Fix your game amazon. i need to finish my main daily and 5 alt daily before go to bed! Give us something for the server down. We do not need your stupid nade box and we need some actual mat! BIG F ON YOUR POTATO SERVER!

im scared to try and log in again and get timed out we need a mod up in here

whats the use of the “server status page” if it doesn’t refresh automatically? Players rather come to forum and see if theres a post about servers beeing down than use that “status page”

Happened to me during Argos P3 raid getting the same message as you all. Rip

Same! I thought my account was hacked, but it didn’t make sense since I’m still logged into Steam. Glad I’m not the only one having this problem, but yeah… I hope this gets fixed soon!

Same, duplicate account message.

Back online!

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down again