Is bannable giving gold to my self? (2 steam accounts)

Hi, I played Lost Ark in 2 steam accounts for some reasons when I started last year, and I’m wondering if its bannable passing gold to my self between those accounts. I mean, both accounts are mine and I farm that gold manually, so I think it shouldn’t be bannable, but I don’t know.

Sry for my eng :no_mouth:

Thanks ^^

I think it’s not allowed to have 2 steam accounts even more so trading between them but I doubt you will get banned for that, but there is a possibility it might happen

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Yes, its already bannable to have 2 accounts. you are only allowed 1

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One account is yours and the other account is a family members right? You’re OK.


Hahahaha yeah

just tell your brother to send you some gold it’s no biggie

Huh, I was wondering about start to level up the 2nd account but it doesn’t seems worth if it isn’t even allowed to have 2 accounts u.u

Then I’ll forget the 2nd account, thx

I hope you understand what I tried to say xD my eng is weird

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I think it shouldn’t be bannable but I understand they don’t allow it, thx bro ^^

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You can make a new character on a differend server in the same region and transfer gold that way, aslong its on the same account you good.

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Are you allowed to have multiple Steam accounts ? Yes. (Not against Steam ToS)
Are you allowed to play Lost Ark on multiple Steam accounts? No. (Against AGS ToS)
Are you allowed to play multiple rosters on one account? Yes.
Are you allowed to send gold to yourself from other rosters/accounts via in game AH? No, but ppl do it. (Not against AGS ToS).

The issue is that sending gold via mail or AH could potentially flag your account as a bot and get you banned. Use at your own risk.

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Hmmm interesting, thx bro :smiley:

True, I had not thought of it xD thx

Ye you are totally fine. they said you can have multiple account but be aware in giving a big chunck of gold cause it could auto trigger the ban

My dog and my gold fish both play Lost Ark and they just so happen to own accounts.

Every month they take all the gold they’ve made being bussed through Argos and mail it to me, they are such good pets.


Maybe send smaller amounts of gold multiple times instead of sending big amount once, I don’t know if we know when your account gets flagged, 10k? 50k? 100k?, then they follow the source from where the gold came from, maybe if they see it came to your account from other account with the same IP (or something like that, I might be wrong). I think that’s the only way you get banned

I have 2 rosters (same account different servers) … In main roster I am super lucky and every week I put some t1 garbage to sell at 5kish gold a piece at 20 ish pieces a week and I am Always lucky because they all sell

In secundary roster I am unlucky because all the time while checking on t1 items I always press the buy buttom by mistake on 5k ish t1 items and it can happen Even 20ish times a week so I end up losing all my gold by mistake…

Wonder who are all those lucky guys that get the gold from my mistakes…


Yea lets be honest its okay maybe you have 4 sisters 3 brothers Mommy and Daddy playing too. And btw Amazon and AGS dont care about anything. If you want go to g2g like 80% in the Game its no Problem.

best regards

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why stop at 2? can I have 2000 steam accounts and send gold from 1999 to 1? why stop at 2000?

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