Is Caliligos the worst designed guardian raid, period?

A few weeks in, and the Caliligos experience has been decidedly worse than it was for even Velganos at release.

Let me count the ways:

*Caliligos is untargetable half the bloody raid due to all kinds of reasons (running, landing, long iframe patterns), while dishing out substantial damage to the player in many case. Frustrating time wasters.

*Moves around erratically in most of his regular patterns, making it arbitrarily difficult for directional attackers to land their full damage. Whether he decides to go through your Gunlancer charging his Surge Cannon or dodges a Surge because he’s shaking his hips as if he was in a nightclub, the experiece sucks terribly.

*Despite already having the above, he also has a bunch of patterns where he dashes across the screen. Why?

*All the above leads to Caliligos often being stuck in corners or running after players when they’re in the narrow corridors connecting the battlefield. Again, makes the raid extra terrible for directional attackers while making the main mech harder to execute.

*The dreaded Stagger/Counter/WP mech. Forced battle item usage in most scenarios, dependent on all your teammates executing correctly. In isolation these factors are not too bad, but one weak link can ruin the whole raid as you’re very depending on the buff to clear the raid at ilvl. The above factor can also mean a failed mech from not being able to pick up all the orbs (because they spawned in his body) or countering in a direction teammates can’t rotate towards. At least with Velganos you could solo carry DPS with the raid’s mechanics - it’s the opposite here.

*He often uses his massive AoE counterable move after main mech, meaning his internal counter cooldown is still active and you can’t actually stop the move. Bad programming, full stop.

*Huge difficulty increase when you reach the last phase. You have no idea whether your group can actually clear the raid until you get there. This is because Caliligos starts dealing massive splash damage that’s essentially unavoidable if you’re a melee DPS and not particularly mobile.

*Blue raid boss with blue telegraphs in a blue map… who thought this was a good idea? Makes most of the problems outlined a lot worse and IMO is the main reason pugs die often. Until they can memorize the boss’ movements dodging consistently is a tall ask.

*Virtually all the above problems are extinguished by having a support teammate. This raid is a joke if you get matched with or join a lobby with Bard/Paladin. Even if you fail the main mech and only deal half your directional DPS, the only downside is the raid taking longer - which is a non-issue if you can heal/shield through all the BS. Due to the systemic support shortage though, all the above problems must be dealt with by the average player.

TBH it’s ridiculous that guardian raid homework essentially has to be cleared with premades, otherwise it’s a fucking miserable experience. Once monkey is out and Caliligos becomes the realm of 1490s only, I wonder if anyone will even do the raid.


I’m not reading any of that but Calligos is the most fun guardian released so far. Playing properly gets you rewarded witha fat damage and cdr buff it’s very fun and rewarding.

And the next one monkey man also rewards the player with a fat dmg buff for dodging attacks. Gonna be fun as well


clearly your issue is with players not the GR it self

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Just don’t go on him.

cali is fine man but its not worth running atm its better to just do a fast turtle sell the leaps for 1.8k then buy your marvelous leaps and end up with more then cali xD

Definitely a back attackers nightmare :joy:


Yeah Caliligos is a terrible guardian raid. It would’ve been more acceptable as a weekly because it is a fun boss, but a terrible one for 2x daily per character.

And the funny part is that we’re stuck with Caliligos for 4 months

Cali as a fight is fine

Cali as a fight 10 times a day is not so much

It has made me start getting a lot more lazy about keeping my 2x rotation going, some day I just cannot be arsed to run it 4-6 times


Bracelet drops. All I care about. BI usage is always free imo because I have no issues with crafting. Solo Platinum Field is your best friend.

Also, not ready all of your wall of text there.

Cali is a good fight, it relies on teamwork and coordination to do the mechs, if you’re having issues with the boss you should be looking at what your teams doing.

Yes it’s a boring lame fight.

Get support spam heal shield dps in lightning ez boooring

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Support makes Caliligos kinda boring:
You go in use your awakenings and throw a phero afterwards for P1.
If you only wanna use fpp you chill after first retaliation pattern and dodge until he starts his staggercheck then you burst him into P3/death during the dmg buff.

I was kinda sad after finding out that my dmg buff on bard is lasting like 10 secs before you enter next phase/kill the dragon with some decent dps.

i think it’s fine but people are making it unenjoyable

I will say Anger Meth Dragon does get annoying as he sketches out all over the map back flip double summersault dodging everything.

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I woudln’t say it’s the worst but he’s very annoying for sure

and yes I hate the battle item consumptions too

Raid is fine and very easy just annoying for back attackers when his body is in the corner of the map then he does stagger counter destruction mechanic, orbs spawn in awkward places some people fail to kill them

Notice how legion raid commanders teleport to middle of the map when doing a mechanic.

Next Guardian Raid Hanumatan has the same mechanic stagger, counter destruction and he has a buff similar to Calligos so same battle item consumption and failing it is more punishing than Calligos

it is the worse guardian raid by leaps
I think its considered the worse in KR too 1490 n up

The reason is because it costs too many resources and the community gatekeeping, Monster Hunter Map, flaming, instant kick ridiculous. You take too long to flare, miss pheromone, dont throw WW… Quit, harassed, vote kicked.

Missing a battle item = 10 or 20s more nope rather redo, wait 4-6m do raid again even though boss could be 50% HP left or less. Then on top of that, It uses too many battle items costing u gold or items could be using in raids. For a daily chore it uses up too many resources and to make it worse right now Kungel and Carl give the same gold value in mats roughly. Meaning you could do kungel, sell mats, buy marv leaps break even. Its Ridiculously stupid for a chore and u have to do it twice everyday on X 1490+ toons you have. Those ppl burned through their battle chests. 8 months of this- ud be stupid to bring every toon to 1540+ since honing is dog shit- it gets worse cuz we will run out meaning Carl will become a gold sink unless they keep giving us Battle chests in 2023.

didnt read sounds like skill issue

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Same, I like the guardian. The only problem is when people don’t want to contribute with battle items, which leads to the raid lasting longer than it should.