Is chat breaking on islands for others?

Been noticing this a lot lately.

Normal/Area chat on islands just suddenly stops working. You can still see the chat bubble over people nearby but your chatbox no longer functions.

Leaving the island your on and it’s fine again.

Anyone else?

It’s been happening for me any time I type the < character because that’s now considered a censored character to combat the gold spam bots… or something.

If, for instance I type " love you guys <3", what gets displayed is “love you guys” and then the chat box just completely stops responding to anything. No chats, no loots, no xp, nothing.

lmao I said that in guild chat today. I <3 someone in a guardian raid, and afterwards my chat just straight up broke.

No <3 only hate allowed I guess.

But in this case, we were just chilling on Spida checking how many bombermen we had and boom, chat broke for all of us.

I noticed it stuttering a bit today when I was on that one prison island (K something…where you waste pirate coins freeing peeps to get the island soul drop out of a bag)

Same thing, when I left the island chat went back to “normal”

Yea, it broke twice for me on two characters doing Raids yesterday.

You can see chat bubbles over people’s heads but the actual chat window stops working.

I’m just glad I don’t have to deal with that water raid anymore under these conditions. Oh man.

Ever since last patch all chats intermittent not working in sea and islands.

Happened to me when i was on the Sea.
Idk what i typed what wasnt allowed (it was not <) , but the chat broke, entering city, did some content, and noticed i dont even see exp , loot etc.
Had to relog.