Is chicking event extended since no Vykas?

I think you need to solve your previous one

what about for neria’s wardrobe too? since they set to expire on the 16th. new rotation? @Roxx


So in another post you mentioned that we would be getting new login rewards, this suggests the old ones are not going away?

Are we getting both?
Feels like conflicting information.

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Oh cool. I can not use any of those honing books since I spend extra gold to get my last alt to 1370 because I thought the event was ending on the date the books state.

She mentioned bonus login rewards, so maybe just tacked on more rewards past the glasses.

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Most likely just a second page with 7 entries, like they did in the past with EUW.

If I were say, 14 days from the glasses, would I still get those glasses?

As you say, we had in before but that was a separate page completely and the old rewards weren’t available or even shown.

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^ Is there a way to get glasses while clearly missing too many days? :sweat_smile: :clown_face:

Wait, so we’re not getting a new 5 day calendar of rewards like last time?

Will the book timers be extended as well?

Neat :blush:

Does those glass provide buff against Vykas ? Can it shield the player against you know that typing scene mechanic ? I think it should because those glass will allow player not to see Vykas.

Do you know how long it will be extended by? in game says its only until 6/18

@Roxx Any chance we can get the one purchase destroyer skin pack with the title and coins added back to the shop and extended for the week as well? Also thank you for extending the events and log in rewards.

more books for my alts , nice

It was extended to 6/18 and i cant get today my last 25 log in reward, because it gone day early. Why?? First log in reward tab is gone.

Can you @Roxx please answer to my question…

Was the event only extended a few days? Rewards are gone now… I thought it would be the whole week so did not claim my aura of resonance yet.